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My Weekend Special: Isi ewu delicacy

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My Weekend Special: Isi ewu delicacy

By Ada Onyema


Cooked and served in a thick spicy sauce, Isi ewu is a special delicacy among the Ibos. It has gradually become a favourite delicacy amongst Nigerians and a dish to be enjoyed by all.


-2kg goat head

-6 wraps ugba (sliced oil bean seed)

-2 cooking spoon palm oil

-1 small potash (crushed)

-1 tablespoon ehuru seed (ground)

-Shreds of utazi leaves

-1 small onion (sliced)


-Salt to taste


-Remove hairs from the head of the goat. Scarp until all the hairs are off. Burn the horns, peel them off with a knife.

-Wash the head thoroughly with sponge or brush to get rid of dirt.

-Chop into small pieces with a sharp knife and rinse thoroughly.

-Season with salt, dried pepper, onion, add water and cook until the stock dries up and the meat is soft.

-Put the palm oil in a bowl, add the crushed potash into it and stir until the colour changes and brings out a soapy taste.

-Add salt, shredded utazi leaves and ground ehuru seed and seasonings. Pour the ugba, stir until properly mixed and then add the cooked goat head. Mix and serve in an earthen pot. Enjoy. - Nigerian news, Health & Beauty news, naija, Nigeria, West Africa

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Updated 7 Years ago

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