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Describe your Autumn/Winter collection The collection is called There's Something About A Lady. It´s very feminine and elegant. JBL is usually playful and very youthful, this collection is a bit more grown yet still a bit playful. Think pencil skirts, shifts etc.

View Jewel By Lisa´s AMFW 2012 collection

What designers are you looking forward to seeing? Bridget Awosika, I saw her show and she killed it and so did Maki Oh. I'm also a huge fan of Tsemaye Binitie

JBL has showcased many collections for ARISE (at AMFW and New York Fashion Week). What were your expectations for this year's AMFW? This year was much better than last year, despite the hiccups. People are getting to experience more shows and there are so many models and designers from all over the world. So far, from the pictures I've seen in the magazines and online, it´s been received really well. It´s been a good experience.

What piece from your collection should we look out for? We're have a lot of amazing pieces, dark colours, checks and stripes. My favourite looks have to be the pencil skirt in green stripes with a jumper blouse, party shorts and an embellished ankara dress. We've made our own original ankara prints this season so that's a big accomplishment for us.

African fashion is... modern, global and something to watch out for.

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