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Austrian-born make up artist Philipp Ueberfellner has worked with artists Jessie J, Dizzee Rascal and Basement Jaxx and on magazines including Harper's Bazaar.

Ueberfellner was head make-up artist at the inaugural ARISE Magazine Fashion Week – Lagos 2011, and came back this year for more. He picks his best looks, highlights and favourite moments from AMFW 2012.

Key Looks

We kept it simple; focused on beautiful skin, highlighting and contouring, and threw in a few other features here and there that were in sync with the trends we’ve seen on other international runways, like strong brows, extended smoky eye, strong lips...


The biggest challenge was that there were a vast amount of designers, showing in quite a short space of time – sometimes back to back, sometimes even sharing girls. The solution had to be to keep it fairly simple overall and pick out a few features to change throughout the day to keep it interesting. We did have conversations with the designers beforehand where possible and tried to accommodate certain requests or reach a compromise in some cases.

Working with principal Make Up sponsor House of Tara

Working with House of Tara was great! Tara’s a very organised person who knows what she wants and expects from her team, so they came prepared. Everybody was very dedicated and determined to get it right every time. I already knew some of the people from last year, so it was nice to see some familiar faces. The team spirit was good – that’s the only way it can work, especially on such a demanding job! 


It’s hard to narrow it down to two or three girls… there were some beautiful local girls who are just starting out – flawless skin and everything – so they’re obviously a dream to work on. And it’s always nice to get to work with girls who’ve just been discovered and then see how their careers develop. Apart from that it was an absolute joy to be reunited with some of the international girls I had met the previous year and not seen since. I live for Sigail, Aminat, Georgie and Nana!


I loved David David, LaQuan Smith, Mataano… Gavin Rajah had some beautiful dresses and I liked the colourful suits at Mai Atafo. I also loved Amine Bendriouich, especially because I got to walk for him and he’s awesome. But I’m sure there were other ones that have slipped my mind, just because of the sheer amount of designers that showed.

Standout moments

I couldn’t really say. It’s such a blur because it’s so full on when you’re doing it. I guess it’s the experience as a whole that’s amazing and to see the final outcome and the progress the whole event is making as I’ve been involved since the first one last year.


I partied twice during my stay and had an amazing time! It was hard to be sensible and not go all out, but when your work days are as long and intense as they were you have to keep it together.

In terms of experiencing the city, I got out a little bit more than last time but still far from enough to say I know what Lagos is all about. It’s obviously a different world to what we’re used to, which makes it more intriguing so I want to see more. What I can say is that I love the people; everybody is so nice.


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