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Let There Be Light...

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By. King Ifeanyi Oruruo (Chairman/CEO of LIVEN Capital)

As posted on his blog


Today my eye is set on so many wonderful goals, dreams I have for my people, yet I cannot fail to recognize the important role others play in the feasibility of these noble notions. It is this interference by others that leads me to keep a keen eye on those in government. By nature I abhor the political space and my associations are mostly with businessmen, I love integrity, I hate looters, in a political space filled will vile I dissociate myself with most of the Nigerian political class but in recent times it has become necessary to immerse a little of myself in the call for better selection of leaders. While we all may differ in our opinions of who is good and who is better, it is always very easy to show who is just plain bad for us. Light when seen never resembles darkness and visa-vie.

As the 2015 election emerges, a selection between light and darkness is truly what we have. Before you rush to conclusions, please, let me land.
Gen Mohammed Buhari/In 1983, General Mohammed Buhari (rtd.) illegally, undemocratic-ally and immorally participated in an affront of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, when he and his co-actors removed a democratically elected government via Coup-D’etat. In the near 2 years of his “RULE”, he imprisoned political rival, oversaw the mass looting of our treasury and led on of the most incompetent governments in history. A Northerner, today he has contributed nothing to the North, South, East or West. A Muslim, till date he has contributed nothing to Islam, Christianity or Traditional African religions. In fact Buhari has no reasonable achievements even after 72 years of life on God’s green earth. I know of no one who credits him with uplift, no enterprise he oversees, no children he has raised to achievement. In his government which prided itself on eradicating corruption, his cabinet still stands accused of corruption. His greatest failing is that he lacks achievement.

In 2015, Governor Rotimi Amechi, Chairman of the A.P.C Governors Forum is yet to show evidence of the so called development he has brought to the good people of Rivers State, evidence of the so called corrupt people he has stopped, evidence of the merits of his accusations on others or the merit of his grand glorification of himself.

As at 2015, The Leader of the APC, The Lion of Bourdillion, Chief. Ahmed Asiwaju Tinubu is still a lord feared by even sitting governors like Gov. Babatunde Fashola, whom he governed for personal benefits and not the interest of his own people. He remains both a party leader and a partisan landlord of many states and to the detriment of the people. His Daughter, Wife and Self all hold elevated positions in an attempt to dominate the people. A Yoruba man he has stood against the forward motion of his people and the nation in pursuit of self promotion.

These three people form the foremost triangle of the All Progressives Congress (A.P.C). Where can these dark lord really lead us.

Goodluck-JonathanIn 2011 President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was duly elected president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria after a small stint as Acting President. In that time he has rescued the rule of law, allowing even the opposition to function, he has allowed credible elections even at the detriment of his party, he has allowed criticism and mockery. He has been a democrat. For the first time since I was in Primary School, we have rail. It is verifiable that Nigeria sits on the U.N Security Council as a respected member of the International Community, that our Armed Forces have never been more formidable, that our National Wealth has never been “better” distributed, that more Nigerian’s are returning to live in Nigeria since the IBB Regime. That violent crime has reduced, that courts are operational, that schools are equipped. That airports, manufacturing, agriculture, education, power, finance, communications, governance etc have all in one way or the other taken steps forward. But more importantly that there is an actual democracy in Nigeria.

The Chairman of the PDP Governors forum, Gov. Godswill Akpabio, has been an Uncommon transformer, creating roads in forests, Stadiums, Airports, Sea Ports and a vast array of other evidences of good governance for his people in Akwa Ibom. It is on record that he has taken projects traditionally reserved for the Federal Government, that he has maintain salaries, upgraded the standard of living, profile and social standing of his people. Without shouting his merits are verifiable.

The Chairman of the party Alhaji, Adamu Muazu, does not meddle in the internal affairs of States and allows us as citizens to own our governors. His people of Bauchi State can attest to his contributions to their development as governor, but aside that as a Nigerian my most important point is that I respect his sticking to party politics, and therefore allowing us as citizens to get access to our elected officials and push our own demands.

It is easy to see the light, if you are not blinded by sentiment.

This election should not be about religion but antecedents. What in effect are Buhari’s contributions to the Nation State called Nigeria, does he run any non-profits, how many people in his home town are on Scholarship due to him, in all his years of fighting for electoral office what has he contributed to the national dialogue in books, or articles, or presentations, or participation in the development of fellow Nigerians.

Nigeria is today the 26th largest economy in the world and largest in Africa, Today we have a working rail systems, Today we have a more United Nation, Today we have free and fair elections, Today we have increasing local production across the board. Today we have the highest amount of foreign direct investment in Africa, Today we have a working Aerospace industry, Today we manufacture Cars, Today we are feeding ourselves a little more. TODAY WE ARE BETTER.

No I do not give credit to Jonathan for all of this, Some is credit to Ministers Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Adesina, Aganga, Okonjo Iweala etc, Some to Senators, Some to entrepreneurs like Aliko Dangote, Innocent Chukwuma, Mike Adenuga, Some to people like me and you.

But if there is anything that stifles the light of good citizens it is the darkness of a selfish leader who will not let their light shine. I cannot credit Goodluck Jonathan for everything good in Nigeria, but I can credit him with being a democrat, with allowing others to shine their light and show their good intentions for their beloved country.

On February 14th, In love for my nation as a “whole” and with no personal loyalties to any candidate, religion or tribe, I will cast my vote for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, so that those of us who have good intentions for Nigerian can shine for 4 more year. If that is not a good enough reason for you, then vote for General Mohammed Buhari, 4 years later, you will read this article in tears, because you would have experienced what you have missed since the last military coup in Nigeria – Darkness.

Darkness comes when people want power but offer no solutions, when they feel so intelligent that they will not allow any opposition, when they “RULE” in a democratic nation, when they offer no ideas, are addled by age, when religion and ethnic sentiment is the only core qualification is their foundation.

Light shines, when people want power to help their nation, when they feel that other opinions are worth considering, when they “LEAD” a democracy, when they offer ideas and are aided by youth, when religion and ethnic sentiment are no a motivation for their election, but people from all tribes and opinions have seen the light and voted for a BRIGHTER FUTURE.

Let there be light.

Article Credit: King Ifeanyi Oruruo

Updated 3 Years ago

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