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Kim Jong-un arrives in China for 4th meeting with Xi

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IMAGE: L-R: North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping »


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has arrived in China at the invitation of the President Xi Jinping, amid the ongoing effort between Pyongyang and Washington to arrange the second summit between their leaders.

Kim reached Beijing by train on Tuesday, accompanied by a high-level delegation. As part of a four-day visit, he is expected to hold talks with Xi, both the Chinese and North Korean state media confirmed.

During his fourth visit to China, Kim will reportedly seek to promote US-DPRK negotiations which have so far stalled over Washington’s skepticism about Pyongyang’s intention to give up nuclear weapons.

Last year, Kim traveled to China on three occasions, just before and after major diplomatic summits with American and South Korean leaders took place. The summits resulted in Pyongyang’s pledge to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and establish new peaceful relations with its neighbor.

Despite Kim’s intentions, the Trump administration so far seems reluctant to make any practical concessions to North Korea, in particular when it comes to sanctions relief. Trump recently said that he will meet Kim again in the “not too distant future,” after the North Korean leader sent a letter to the US president saying he is “always ready” to strike an agreement with Washington.

Article Credit: Russian Times

Updated 3 Months ago

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