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Is Sujimoto The Trump Of Nigeria

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He is from a humble background. But through hard work, resilience and dedication, Sijibomi Ogundele has risen to become one of the youngest rich men in the country. He is putting Nigeria’s name on the global map in real estate and construction. You won’t be wrong by comparing him to Donald Trump, who grew up in Brooklyn and later became the king of Manhattan. So is Sijibomi, who was born in Agege, a Lagos suburb, travelled all over the world, and is now living and doing his business in Ikoyi, an elitist area of Lagos.

At just 33, the man, who was not born with a silver-spoon, is the CEO of Sujimoto Construction Limited, the fastest growing real estate company in the country. The company has just taken delivery of its world- class luxury apartments, Medici Terraces, located on Milverton Road, Ikoyi. It is said to have offices in Paris, Accra, Madrid, Dubai and Riyadh.

Sujimoto Group has continued to blaze the trail with an international network of partners, such as Fortune 100 Company Alhaji Group, which is known to be the wealthiest non-royal family group of companies in the Middle East. Sujimoto Group has helped the Alhaji Group and its other partners to locate and analyse business opportunities in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Despite being born and raised in a middle income family, Sijibomi has never allowed this to affect his confidence. At the age of nine, every Saturday, he travelled from Agege to Ikoyi Polo Club. He would sit on the fence of the club, watching and training his mind on the visualisation of his future. Today, Sijibomi is a member of Ikoyi Landlords Association with about seven properties listed as his.

The astute businessman was underestimated until he met a university professor, who changed his life. Dr. Sujimoto Koga gave Sijibomi the confidence to believe in himself, telling him that despite being born and raised in a middle income family or being a black among many Japanese has nothing to do with his future. Since then, Sijibomi has never allowed his background to affect his confidence.

Ogundele’s wealth of experience as a venture capitalist and an investment strategist has provided a solid background in ensuring that his company, Sujimoto Construction Limited, achieves its mission in the building of classy housing units in Nigeria, which can compete with others globally. The Cosimo project by Sujimoto, an epic monolith with 15 floors, and 100  rooms  to be located on Bourdillon Avenue, Ikoyi, will be a landmark of its kind in Lagos metropolitan skyline.

Society Happenings learnt that the young man, who many beautiful ladies are jostling to have his attention, is known for dating white girls. But close friends, who know him as a real Ijebu man, said he hopes to settle down with a Nigerian lady someday.

Article Credit: Thisdaylive

Updated 2 Years ago

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