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I’m not too proud being a single mother

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14. June


She is a product of a reality show; West Africa Idol 2007, where she emerged the first runner up.  Since then Omawumi Megbele, has made herself very relevant in the music industry. An ambassador of many brands,  she tells her story to Anthonia Soyingbe, our Senior Reporter, who met with her last week at a studio in Lagos.  

 You recorded so much success at your recent album launch in Lagos. What are we to expect from you next?

I have lots of companies that I am presently working with on different campaigns. After my concert, we started out with the Mortein campaign. We went to Kenya and other places to flag off the anti-malaria campaign. I also just got signed on as a Glo Ambassador and I also have series of tours as a Glo ambassador. I am still recording and have to feature on the albums of other artists. They will hit the market soon. I will keep shooting videos as well as, enjoy the success that comes with it.

In other words your hands are full?

By the grace of God. He has done it in such a way that I have time to do as much as I can. The good thing about all these; is the time I have to be a mother.

Are you sure your schedule still gives you time to be a good mother?

I hope so. It is God that gives one all it takes to be a good mother. I make sure I get my daughter ready for school and even when I don’t pick her, her father picks her up from school and ensures she is comfortable. I play with her and put her to bed in the evening and if I am working in the evening, she will be with her dad. If I am in the country for more than two days, she stays with me. Thank God she is still young and she can afford to stay away from school whenever I want to travel with her. I can’t stay without my daughter for more than 48 hours. When she was much younger, I used to book extra hotel room for her and the nanny so that I can have private moments with her. It is not as difficult as many people think because I plan my time.

How will you describe your relationship with your fellow artists especially, those from the South-South region where you are from?

I am very cordial with everybody especially most of the ones I have met. I have a very good relationship with them and I am thankful to God because there is still this kind of respect people accord me and it is really overwhelming.

Do you intend to take up a humanitarian project later in life? 

The fact that I am very busy makes it impossible for me to take up any project on my own but, I am working with lots of organisations especially those that have something to do with women and children. I also join other orgnasiations that mentor young women whenever I have the time just to educate them and share my experiences about life. Personally, I have some projects that I would love to do but, I have to first make money I will use for the betterment of the society as the years roll by.

You are so fond of Pidgin English, is this your way of identifying with your root?

It is a language which I am incidentally very proud of. My mother, a veteran broadcaster ensured her children acquired  good command of the English language as well as the right diction to go with it. But, I am a Warri girl; I schooled in Warri and attended a school where Pidgin English was freely spoken as a means of communication. I don’t think there is anything demeaning or derogatory about it.  Some people think I am empty just because I speak pidgin.

You have been commended for your humility and mannerism inspite of your success. Can you tell us about your ideology in life?

Fame and success are illusions; they are intangibles and just notions in one’s head. My philosophy is premised on the simple fact that blood flows in our bodies. That is the mentality that runs in my head. I don’t know what people mean when they say I am humble because I don’t know if I am humble or not. Everybody must understand that before I became an artiste, I was someone. I have temper bouts and when I lose it, nobody likes me. I am a normal human being who doesn’t like to pull anybody down; it still goes down to my state of mind and my perception about life. I don’t subscribe to class difference.

You have had your share of bad press.  Recently, you had reasons to refute reports of the paternity of your daughter. 

(Cuts in) I don’t think I was forced to talk, my mind was just saying something and I buttressed it. It is not fair for people to just cook up stories that are not true. When it comes to me people can write whatever they fancy because I know in my heart what is true and what is false. They said the paternity of my child is shrouded in secrecy but, I told them I wasn’t hiding it. I am not supposed to sit people down and tell them who fathered my child. People who are close to me know the father of my daughter. If you ask me, I will tell you it is not your business.

My daughter comes from a very large family and for the fact that her father and I are not married doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a father. I love my daughter so much but, as a role model, I don’t want to discourage young girls from the importance of marriage. I am not too proud to be a single mother. When we are doing it the proper way, when we want to change the relationship status I can broadcast his name. I wasn’t happy that the story had to do with my daughter but goes with this job.

When is Omawumi planning to solemnize the union with the father of her daughter?

I have never seen a woman propose to a man. if he proposes to me, we will walk that path.

Will the lucky man be the father of your daughter?

I still don’t know. I am very touchy about issues like this because it is my personal life. As a musician, I try as much as possible to make good music with a good heart but as for my personal life, I don’t need anyone to judge me, except God. I am not the best singer but I am just a happy-go-lucky person. I didn’t have any plan of becoming a musician; all I wanted was just to go to law school, practice for some time and then teach.

Do you still plan to go back to Law School?

Hopefully! But I don’t know if I would practice after that. I love teaching and I know, I will eventually find myself in that direction.

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Updated 6 Years ago

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