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Hyperia, YahSat deepen broadband availability with satellite technology

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Hyperia Limited, a member of CIS group of companies in strategic partnership with Al Yah Satellite Communications (YahSat), weekend further deepened broadband accessibility in the country with the introduction of a cost-effective, high-speed satellite internet service.

The launch of the satellite service into Nigeria’s telecommunications market, according to industry watchers would enable more Nigerians especially those in underserved and unserved areas access efficient and reasonably priced broadband service via satellite technology.

Statistics have however shown that Nigeria’s has a low broadband penetration rate of 6 percent. Al Yah Satellite Communications Company is a private joint stock firm fully owned by Mubudala.

According to the industry watchers, the satellite service would complement the recently launched NIGCOMSAT-2 satellite, enabling more Nigerians to connect to the information superhighway without having to wait for Terrestial systems to roll out expensive fibre networks or suffer service cut. Even in areas of heavy rainfall, Hyperia says the technology would adjust the power required by virtue of advanced modulation feature which enables dynamic rain-fade migration to ensure the link is maintained.

But more importantly, the company also disclosed that the services is cost-efficient due to the affordability of terminals and service pricing as well as the quick installation time-line owing to the small antenna size which makes it easy to install.

George Opara, deputy managing director, Hyperia who spoke at the pre-launch of the broadband service in Lagos, said the solution would assist in reducing the high cost of broadband internet service in Nigeria. “We have been working over two to three years to bring this solution into the market. Hyperia already has major VSAT product in the C-band and KU band. We have our hub in London and we service every part of Nigeria.

When we saw the importance of this project and how it’s going to help reduce the cost of internet broadband, Hyperia Limited become very much interested. We have tested the C and KU bands and with emergence of KA band we have seen immense potential.

This is a pre-service launch and we expect that the service will be up and running few weeks from now”, Opara noted.

He further revealed that the broadband service would compete favourably with WiMAX and Wi-Fi service in Nigeria, further explaining that the satellite-based broadband solution has totally independent of terrestrial infrastructure. In the same vein, Shawkat Ahmed, chief commercial officer, YahSat pointed out that the broadband solution would cover the entire country. According to him, the service would play a pivotal role in economic development by connecting rural and urban communities thereby creating informed societies.

Giving lucid insight into the cost-effectiveness of the broadband internet solution, Ahmad further observed that Nigerians can instantaneously connect to the internet using a small satellite dish and satellite modem anywhere the telecoms company’s satellite coverage is available.

While delivering a paper on broadband delivery through satellite communications at the pre-launch event, weekend, Andrew Aro, president of the Society of Satellite Professionals International told the audience that the broadband service rides on the KA band which is undeniably suitable for the peculiarities of Nigeria’s internet access market. According to him, the service would bring fast and efficient communications to many areas in the country without internet connection.

“The KA band is of high capacity and they have more capacity per dollar of investment. It is very suitable because it is a mass market product. The issue of rain fade is over with the emergence of KA band. We expect the growth rate in the satellite business to pick up in no distant time because the cost of terminals is coming down”, he stated.

With the satellite service, Aro explained that internet service providers can now expand the reach of their Terrestial broadband infrastructure network without need to invest in expensive infrastructure or logistics and the time involved in rolling out Terrestial solutions.

Hyperia is one of the oldest names in the African internet space, after the acquisition of relevant licenses from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) since 1997.

The telecoms company has its Head Quarters in Victoria Island, Lagos and branch offices in several cities in Nigeria. As Nigeria’s first internet backbone service provider, Hyperia is dedicated to providing low cost and easy access to the internet, using the very latest in internet technology.

Article credit: Businessday Newspaper

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