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Home & You: Creating class, taste with interior furniture

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In more ways than one, an individual makes a statement about himself, his class, personality, attitude and taste without necessarily voicing out a word or sentence. One of such ways is the home in which the individual lives.

Often times, perhaps, because of other cares of life , a lot of people do not know that the kind of items, especially furniture, they spend their money to buy and keep in their homes say much about who they are and how they think.

The furniture and the way they are arranged in a man’s sitting room (parlour) always give him away either as a gentle, simple, orderly, careful, rough or uncaring person who has taste and is mindful of  his class and otherwise.

Modernity and rising sophistication among Nigeria’s younger population who also has strong buying and spending power, has seen considerable improvement in the kind of furniture that people buy and put in their homes.

In line with this, furniture and interior decoration companies are scaling up production not only to reflect the new class and taste, but also to meet the growing demand. One of such companies is Home & You Interiors, a Lagos-based company with special interest in home, hotel, school furniture and interior decoration.

Presently, the company is refocusing its product supply to projects, corporate clients and the hospitality industry, believing that, this way, it will increase its share of the furniture market.


The company says it foresees increased demand, adding that it would increase its capacity in a way that its production men will improve on their production line.

Feyisola Abiru, Home &You managing director, explains that they are trying to change their focus, because to be successful, a company has to constantly change its operations and move to the next level, adding that the change is also to enable them meet the changing demands of their clients who keep changing their taste and lifestyle.

“We have also decided that the only way to move forward is to standardize our products and for us to do that and increase our market share, we have to go for mass production, that is, to increase our volume; we will be expecting volume demand from real estate industry, schools and the hospitality industry”, she said.

Abiru said that, though there are competitors out there in the market, they have remained afloat because their  products are unique, durable and of high quality, adding, “we have loyal clients who have been with us for over 10 years and they testify to the quality of our work; our products are also stylish and beautiful; we take our time to coordinate the colours and we also personalize our service delivery”.

According to her, the company has produced a handbook that is aimed to give people tips on how to take care of their homes. “It incorporates other furniture companies in Lagos; so it is not all about Home &You.

She said that it was the vision of  Home & You to be the foremost, one-stop interior design and furniture manufacturing company in Nigeria, adding that they were out to provide their customers products that were innovative, durable and of high quality.

The company, she said, offers customers high quality doors, kitchen and wardrobe, home and office furniture, home fragrance, school furniture and interior design consultancy services.

The managing director noted that in spite of the challenges of power and lack of skilled craftsmen, the furniture industry has growth potential, explaining that Nigerians now go for local products.

“The market in Nigeria is huge and the purchasing power is also huge. I hope that if we are doing 10 percent of the market now, hopefully by in no distant future, we will be doing 30 percent, and this will impact on the economy of Lagos State”, she said.

According to her, banning the importation of furniture by the Olusegun Obasanjo government actually helped the industry, saying that the industry has been able to grow and there has been a lot of improvement.

She hopes that if government and the Bank of Industry’s initiatives for the industry are sustained, in the next few years, it would be a waste of time and resources buying imported furniture.

“Government should enforce the ban, encourage/develop vocational schools and form partnership with foreign machine producers to help the industry grow,” she advised.

Article Credit: Businessdayonline

Updated 4 Years ago

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