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Group Pledges to Mobilise Millions of Supporters for Buhari’s Declaration

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The Buhari Support Group Centre, the main lobby group of former Head of State and a presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), has said it will galvanise millions of supporters to attend Wednesday’s declaration of presidential bid by Buhari.

The group, which addressed journalists at the weekend on the planned rally at the Eagles Square in Abuja, said Buhari is poised to not only pick the party’s ticket but also secure the majority of votes in the next presidential election.

Speaking on behalf of the group, its National Secretary, Ibrahim Bello Dauda, said Buhari  himself has assigned BSGC to be responsible for harmonising and coordinating all the political support groups working for the actualisation of his presidential ambition.

“We can say affirmatively that the epoch-making formal declaration of Buhari next week will witness the unprecedented attendance of millions of passionate supporters of the General,” he said.

Dauda who said the Eagle Square, venue of the event, is envisioned to be choked to capacity and overflowing of supporters, described as symbolic Buhari’s declaration which is coming barely two weeks after the nation marked her 54th Independence anniversary celebration.

Against the background of calls by aspirants on Buhari to step aside in respect of the desire for generational shift, Dauda said those who are behind such calls do not mean well for the country.

He said the current state of affairs in the country requires an incorruptible  personality in the mould of Buhari to be able to restore integrity in governance,  fight corruption, insecurity and reunite the nation.

“This time, the gambit of religion, age or any other primordial sentiment will not deter the people from voting for Buhari in 2015. Even though we agree with the idea of generational change in leadership, we believe that only a matured politician like Buhari will be able to wrestle power from the PDP, before sanitising the political polity.

He said for Nigeria to make meaningful and steady progress, a mechanism must be put in place to tackle corruption and indiscipline.

“Buhari is indeed the best presidential candidate for the APC in the forthcoming general election. He has been tested and trusted; and is the only APC presidential candidate that actually has the political clout, charisma and pedigree to give the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) a good run for its money.

“Besides his political cloud,  Buhari’s pedigree as former military ruler speaks volumes to his credibility and competence to steer the ship of state from the murky waters it is currently enmeshed in! Buhari’s rabid distaste for corruption and indiscipline are well known to Nigerians, and Nigerians also know that these seemingly interminable social challenges are the bane of our development as a nation.

“Buhari is the only contending politician today that has the courage and capacity to fight corruption to a halt! That is why the corrupt cabal that has held sway since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999 is bent on ensuring that Buhari does not emerge president.

“They are only trying to protect their ill-gotten wealth to the detriment of the majority of Nigerians.  Hence they cook-up all kinds of mendacities and campaigns of calumny to discredit Buhari and lower his estimation in the eyes of right-thinking members of the society prior to elections.

At first, the antagonists of Nigeria’s national development concocted and fed Nigerians with the lie that Buhari was a religious bigot, who would convert Nigeria to an Islamic state if elected President. Those that know the general intimately know that though he is a dedicated Muslim, he has no trace of religious or even ethnic bigotry.  Buhari is one of the most munificent politicians of our time,” he said.

The former National President of the Nigerian Students (NANS), Mr. Daniel Onjeh, said time has come for Nigerians to turn a new leave and choose a president they can trust to bring about the needed changes in the country.

Also, another member of the support group, Femi Ogunsanwo, dismissed critics complain about Buhari’s age as nothing but baseless, adding that most African leaders that have distinguished themselves in office had attained the status of elder statesman before taking over reigns of power.

He said only Buhari has the capacity to rescue Nigeria from the precipice of catastrophe imposed by failure of leadership.

Meanwhile, Buhari has has said his decision to contest the 2015 election is informed by the need to rescue Nigerians from the current mis-rule of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and restore the past glory of the country in the eyes of  the international community, especially  with the current security challenges.

Buhari made the statement through an APC chieftain in Bauchi,  Alhaji Ali Saidu, at the weekend during an elaborate occasion organised by his supporters under the auspices of  Nigeria Solution Network for Buhari 2015, Bauchi State chapter.

According to Saidu, “We organised this  rally in support of the former general and to seek for  funds to enable Buhari to buy APC presidential nomination form immediately after declaring in Abuja soon.

“As you know Buhari is not a corrupt public figure  that is rich to buy APC presidential form, so as his supporters, we decided to join our hands together including the masses to enable him buy it,” said Saidu.

He stress that the former general is not deterred in his determination to contest presidential slot against any aspirant regardless of his economic and political status, saying Nigerians need urgent change of governance.

He noted that if Buhari is voted into power under the APC, Nigeria would witness tremendous development being a man of the masses.

“It’s high time for Nigerians to have a sigh of relief from the mis-rule of the PDP,  who have succeeded in creating permanent poverty, hunger and starvation in the country with un substantial and concrete evidence to show  with a view to vote Buhari,” Saidu declared.

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Updated 5 Years ago

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