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Fadeyi, Mushin In The Throes Of Gang Wars

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Fadeyi, Mushin In The Throes Of Gang Wars

By Joseph Okoghenun


THIRTY-four-year-old Sadra Davidson, who had lived in Fadeyi for the past 10 years, was recently killed by stray bullets from warring hoodlums in the area.

Tragic deaths like that of Sandra have turned Fadeyi axis of Mushin and Mushin end of  Fadeyi to a war zone. Fadeyi, is located on Ikorodu Road, Yaba end of Lagos, houses many low income Lagos residents. But for close to a year now, the locality has suffered dismal  insecurity.

Fadeyi, Mushin and Onipanu share borders, which make insecurity in any of the localities to spread to other areas.

Leader of the hoodlums in Onipanu, one Uche, was reportedly killed in mid-June by some ‘areas boys’(hoodlums) in Mushin.

“He was shot on the leg by Police officers when he proved refused to heed their order to go home. Since he could not walk, his boys stopped a taxi to rush him to a nearby hospital in Mushin. But when they got to toll gate in Mushin, Mushin area boys stopped the taxi and severed Uche’s neck with a knife. They even attempted to kill the driver for rendering such a humanitarian service to one of the most notorious boys in the area,” a source said.

Somolu end of Fadeyi is reportedly calm and peaceful as the area boys in the area have only fought once since the insecurity in the region started.

But every week it is either area boys at the Mushin end of Fadeyi are at loggerheads with those in Somolu end of the area, or those at the Mushin end of the locality are up in arms with Mushin/Idi-Oro area boys. At other times, area boys in Onipanu would have one reason or the other to combat those in Fadeyi end of Mushin.

Sounds of gunshots are common in the area. Such sounds often lead to traffic jams and chaos on Ikorodu Road.

Often, Police officers, who have been permanently drafted to the area to keep the peace, often find themselves in gun duels with the boys, who have become  local lords.

While some residents, who spoke with The Guardian blame the situation on politics, others blame it on money and power.

“ The whole story started with the struggle for supremacy between the leader of Fadeyi boys and the indigenes of Mushin. They started it from Mushin down to Oloosa, to Idi-oro and lately, Fadeyi. The fight is somehow turning to a political fight because the person leading the Akala boys is reportedly a PDP member while the one leading Fadeyi is reportedly an ACN member,” a resident of Fadeyi said.

“The boys in Fadeyi, Onipanu and Mushin are fighting over the control of money and power. The boys in Fadeyi were reported to have collected huge sums of money from a political father in Lagos State. When Onipanu and Mushin boys heard of it, they wanted to have a share in the money. But Fadeyi boys refused, hence the fight you are witnessing today,” another source said.

The Guardian  investigations revealed that each time there is a clash in the area, innocent residents and their children often fall victim of either stray bullets  or willful acts of gun attacks. Since December last year when the clashes escalated, many of the residents have reportedly been killed or maimed.

A primary three pupil of Ola Emma Nursery and Primary school, Mushin, Miss Aminat Oladepo, was shot dead at  Fadeyi by the hoodlums about 7.35 p.m. in December  on the eve of her ninth birthday

She was said to be on errand for her parents at Tiamiyu Street, off Ereko Street, Fadeyi, to buy food when she was hit.

The late Aminat had, on sighting the hoodlums who were on a revenge mission at Fadeyi, as  report had it, hidden behind a car, but stray bullets hit and killed her instantly.

A day after Aminat was gruesomely killed, report had it that two other residents of Fadeyi were killed overnight in a retaliatory attack.

Residents of these areas had written the Lagos State Government and the Police several  letters  on the activities of the hoodlums in the area, yet recent happenings have shown that peace is yet a scarce commodity in the area.

“The boys have also taken  to robbing innocent residents. Once it is night, they would be patrolling Ikorodu Road with cars and robbing passers-by,” a woman resident  said.

Residents say most times they would have to call relatives and friends, who left home in the morning to inform them of the security situation.

Business in Fadeyi is at a low ebb as most Lagosians fear to transact business in the trouble spot. Many residents in Fadeyi/ Mushin have left the area. Although many Lagos residents are looking for accommodation, investigations revealed that most are refusing accommodation in the area. Hence, price of accommodation has dropped greatly in the Fadeyi end of Mushin.

Peter Emeka, a trader in Fadeyi, said: “ The fight is affecting business. Once I give my complimentary cards to people, they would outrightly tell me they are not coming to do business with me in Fadeyi because of the insecurity in the area.”

An agent told The Guardian: “Landlords in Mushin/Fadeyi are being forced to lower the cost of accommodation as people are refusing to take up accommodation in the area. Most of the houses there are abandoned.”

Some residents blame police for the continuous reign of the gangsters. When Somolu end of Fadeyi and Mushin end of Fadeyi fought recently, Police allegedly came to Somolu end of Fadeyi to raid close to 500  “innocent residents, without a single area boy.”

A resident, who simply called himself Denis, said: “Police know where the hooligans are, but they will never arrest them because of the power behind them. Police often give useful information to them. The other day, I heard a Police officer telling the hooligans that they should ‘arrange’ themselves as they (police) were coming to raid the area. He was simply telling them to hide themselves while the raid goes on.”

Mrs. Janet Olatunde said: “Police cannot quell these boys. If government is serious, let them bring soldiers into the area, you will see that all this nonsense will stop.”

Lagos Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Samuel Junaid, said such allegations of Police incompetence, even collusion are not only baseless but unfounded. “It is a lie that we arrest innocent residents in the area. Those perpetuating the crimes in the area have been arrested. We do not arrest innocent people. Everyday, my men are in the area to restore normalcy,” he said.

When asked how come the fight still persists a year after, despite the arrest he claimed, he said: “You  know how many area boys are in Lagos. They come from different parts of Lagos. As we are arresting some, others are trooping into the area.”
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