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Elohor Eva Alordiah is dating Charles Alexander Oputa Jr

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Image: Rapper Elohor Eva Alordiah



Recent news confirmed that Rapper Elohor Eva Alordiah is dating Charles Alexander Oputa Jr, who is son of popular artiste and entertainer Charly Boy. They have almost made their relation apparent now, though they haven't committed anything in media. Nonetheless, couple of tweets shared between the duo is enough to raise anticipation that something is cooking between the two.

Charles Alexander Oputa Jr., who owns Retail Therapy Fashion Lounge in Abuja, is a fashion designer and usually travels a lot between Atlanta, US and Nigeria for his business. Meanwhile, it has been stated that Eva's manager, who apparently was her boyfriend earlier, has ended their professional relation months ago, somewhere in February 2013. However, Ugo Date Izeogu didn't flinch to spit venom on the rapper as he tweeted, `3UD Brand Management quit the @evaalordiah account in February! I kept quiet about it and now she's claiming she owns 3UD. You must be mad`.

He apparently deleted many of his spiteful tweets but provoked by his followers on twitter to expose the truth, he started all over again. It has been said that the duo had a long professional association for some two years before they got romantically involved. Nonetheless, Eva has moved on with her new love, leaving behind her past.


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