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Don’t run in 2015, APC tells Jonathan

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The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has urged President Goodluck Jonathan to drop his ambition to return to Aso Rock in 2015 for the sake of Nigeria’s democracy.

The Publicity Secretary of the state chapter of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, said this during an interview with journalists, on Monday.

Igbokwe said it had been established that it was the zoning arrangement of the Peoples Democratic Party that led to the insurgency in the North-East.

He said the plan was for former President Umaru Yar’adua, a Northerner to rule till 2015 while an indigene of the South-East would be the next in line but Yar’adua’s sudden demise had upset the political equation causing many Northern elements to be disgruntled

He therefore, advised the President to step down so that a Northerner could emerge President next year.

He said, “Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, from the South, ruled Nigeria for eight years. It was also expected that the late President Yar’adua from the North would rule for eight years, all things being equal. But he died after two years in office. President Jonathan, who was the then Vice President, from the South, took over the mantle of leadership.

“It was expected that he would complete the first term of Yar’adua’s tenure and step aside for the North to complete their eight years. Against protests from the North, Jonathan sought another term and got elected. By 2015, he would have ruled for six years. Seeking another term of four years will endanger our politics and create ethnic and religious tension as we are witnessing now.

“We are in a democracy and if we are still in one country, there is need for equity and justice. Jonathan’s ambition to rule Nigeria for 10 years may break Nigeria.”

Igbokwe said it was unfortunate that the PDP had labelled the APC as a pro-terrorism party and warned the party to stop pointing fingers and tackle terrorism.

He said the revelation by the late National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Azazi (retd), that the PDP’s zoning debacle was fuelling insecurity and his later death showed that the PDP could not be absolved of blame in the insurgency.

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Updated 4 Years ago

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