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Dokubo-Asari Insulted Buhari on Jonathan's Behalf, Says Deputy Minority Leader

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The Deputy Minority Leader,  House of Represenatatives, Hon. Kawu Sumaila (APC, Kano), has alleged that the recent scathing remarks against the former Head of State, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), by the  leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Mujahid Abubakar Dokubo-Asari, has the blessing and tacit support of President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to Kawu in a statement in Abuja yesterday, Dokubo-Asari alleged that Buhari was responsible for the twin bomb blast that targeted him and the Islamic cleric, Sheik Dahiru Bauchi in Kaduna.

He noted that it had become habitual for Dokubo-Asari to level  allegations against top northern leaders and even denigrate them listlessly.

"For two years, Dokubo-Asari has been singing war songs, pouring venoms on everyone else who disagreed with the Goodluck Jonathan government," Sumaila said in the statement yesterday.

He asserted that "Dokubo-Asari has been speaking the mind of Goodluck Jonathan and in most cases he spoke on his behalf and at his behest," asking : "Why is it  Jonathan's knowing that Dokubo-Asari is his kinsman, an Ijaw from the Niger Delta like him, continue to pour venom on a people and their leaders without calling him to order?"

He further indicated that "the president again and again does not give a damn about all the things the ex-militant leader has been doing." 

Doubting Dokubo-Asari’s profession of Islamic faith, the legislator wondered whether "Mr. President thinks Dokubo-Asari is helping him by insulting others?," a situation he says is a drawback against the "president and his government.

"Dokubo-Asari, by his utterances, attitudes arrogance and actions does not in any way portray himself as a true  Muslim who loves peace," he said.

Instead, he said, Dokubo-Asari used the name of Islam for selfish ends, commited all manner of atrocities, and had penchant; all of which he said are un-Islamic "because the Holy prophet said anyone who preaches violence is not with us."

He observed that: "Ordinarily, characters like Dokubo-Asari should be cooling their heads in jail for the many sins they have committed against the Nigerian state but today they are not only walking as free men, but they are accorded with state protection and cover by the Jonathan's administration."

Giving an example of the October 1 Independence day bombing in Abuja in which President Jonathan tried to extricate his kinsmen while courts in both Nigeria and South Africa, Sumaila insisted that "the circumstances surrounding the twin Kaduna bombings and many others give room for suspicion of some other unseen hands in it other than what we are being told on daily basis by the federal government and its security agencies."

He cautioned Dokubo-Asari and his likes "that nobody has the monopoly of violence" and that his threats of violence in defence of Jonathan "is enough and we won't tolerate this again."

He urged President Jonathan "to, in his own interest, call Dokubo-Asari to order," while admonishing  security agencies to investigate the militant leader and charge him to court for inciting the public.

Article Credit: Thisdaylive

Updated 4 Years ago

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