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Cravings we love

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Cravings we love

By Ada Onyema


When you think of cookies and cakes, what do you picture? Brownies and chocolate chip cookies? Do you think of a chocolate layered cake or golden cake? There are hundreds of different cookies and cakes. Some are every day favourites; others are seen only during special occasions. Next time you make cookies or a cake, why not try a new recipe? The result can be mouth watering.

Cookies and cakes are a favourite food with most people. Cakes can be made in many flavours – yellow, white, spice, chocolate and lemon to name a few. Cookies too can be made in a variety of ways to please nearly every taste. Fruits, nuts, and whole wheat flour can be added to cookies and cakes to make them more nutritious.

Frostings add to the flavour, texture, and appearance of cakes and cookies. In general, cookies and cakes have more calories and fewer nutrients than other foods. They are fine as occasional treats. They should not, however, take the place of more nutritious foods in your diet. - Nigerian news, Health & Beauty news, naija, Nigeria, West Africa

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Updated 8 Years ago

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