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Condominiums for Coal City Residents

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On assumption of office in 2007, Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime in his inaugural speech said: “I had put across a four point agenda in which I proposed the very compass which shall determine the trend of my administration.”

But while Chime’s four point agenda is hinged on physical Infrastructure, economic expansion and employment, rural development and service delivery, his administration has not left any sector untouched as he has invested heavily on urban/rural road rehabilitation, agricultural expansion, provision of quality and affordable education, health care scheme, improved water supply and security of lives and properties, urban beautification, rural electrification, housing scheme and among others.

Chime after his inauguration started by reconstructing roads in Enugu urban areas and revamping key roads in the rural areas.
In order to ensure security of lives and properties in the state, he also invested in security.

He also donated 100 units each of Kia Rio and Hilux vans equipped with communication gadgets to the Enugu State Police Command for urban and rural policing respectively to enable checkmate crimes in the state.
Also, Chime initiated free maternal and child healthcare in state hospitals to reduce the high maternal mortality rate in the state. He also did not overlook education.

290-City-Gardens.jpg - 290-City-Gardens.jpg

In the area of housing, the administration through the Enugu State Housing Corporation headed by Ikeji Asogwa has built several housing estates in parts of Nsukka and Enugu, the state capital for both low and middle income earners.

They included: Maryland Estate, Independence Layout - 384(2 and 3) bedroom flats, Greenland Estate, Trans - Ekulu phases 2 and 3 - 90 units of 2 & 3 bungalows, Palm Beach Estate,  Obukpa - 30 units of 3 bedroom detached bungalows, Coal City Gardens - 100 units of 5 & 6 bedroom houses. Sites & Services: Ekulu East Estate, G.R.A, Liberty Estate - Independence Layout - Phases 1 & 2, Republic Layout Phases 1 & 2, Sunrise Estate - Emene, Golf Estate G.R.A. Phases 1-5, Divine Estate, Ngwo, Lakeside Estate - Nike & Discovery Estate.

Speaking recently, during the official commissioning of one of the massive estates in Enugu which was commenced by the past administration of Senator Chimaraoke Nnamani, Chime said with the commissioning of the 384 housing units Maryland Estate, the stage was set for the development of more housing estates for low income earners before the end of his administration next year.

Chime said that the housing estate was the second after the Ekulu-East Estate inherited by his administration from the previous government to be completed, stressing that nothing tangible had been done on the projects when he took office in 2007.
“We took it over and revoked plots and gave it to more serious people who are willing to develop and today the place is one of the best estates in Nigeria,” he said.

While praising the managing director of the state housing corporation, Asogwa, for his efforts, the governor urged the incoming administration to continue with affordable housing policies in the state, adding, “With what we have seen on ground, if I am given the opportunity, I will reappoint Asogwa a million times because he has done the state proud. You are an example of a shining star.”
The governor said his administration had a policy of not rejecting any land application, assuring that the 200,000 hectares of land recently acquired would meet the land needs of residents.

Speaking with THISDAY, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Enugu State Housing Corporation, Mr. Ikeje Asogwa confessed that he never thought they would achieve a lot because they started on a very rough note because of challenges they had at the beginning of the administration.

According to him, we met a system that was almost in decay and we had to put in our best to revive the housing sector. We had to reconceptualise plans to start building and developing new estates in our state and we thought it was wise to give preferential treatment to the middle and low income earners in the state.

“So, we commenced the development of estates for all categories of people. We even built for the high income earners. In the last seven years, we have been able to do a total number 748 housing units. We have been able to provide infrastructure in these estates and even in the estates that were in existence before this administration.”

Through the support of the state government and his Excellency the governor, Asogwa said: “We have been able to construct in our different estates a total of 37 kilometers of asphalted roads. Most of these roads have already been marked; we have done 117 kilometers of drainage. We have also constructed 53 culverts. We have built three bridges; we have done 11 water projects which include the provision of underground, surface and reservoir over-head water tanks. We also have been able to procure, install and energise 34 nos. 500KVA transformers in the different estates to boost electricity distribution.

In order to safeguard the estates, he said: “We have provided and built a lot of police posts and we on a monthly basis provide imprest to run these police posts for the Nigerian Police to augment whatever they get and to be sure that all our estates are properly manned and that has helped a lot. Security is very important because we have had a few challenges with respect to security.

“We faced various challenges before getting to this stage. The first basic challenge that we faced was that of funding. When we came in, there were no funds to execute any project. So, we had to start sourcing for funds from financial institutions by taking loans even though we have most of those loans fully paid up now. It would have been better if we had some capital on ground to enable us start up the projects.

Further, he disclosed that today, Enugu is among the states in the country that you can visit and see already built houses still available for sale at a very affordable Prices. “Presently, we have close to 60 flats unsold and these flats go for as low as N4.9million for a two bedroom flat. We sold our three bedroom flats for as low as N7million.”

Apart from the monitisation policy Enugu State Housing Corporation adopted from the state government, Asogwa posited that the commission also introduced installmental payment plans to enable Enugu State residents afford the payment of property in any of the estates.

Also speaking to THISDAY, the Enugu State Commissioner for Lands and Urban Development, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ujam who commended Asogwa, also disclosed that numerous estates have been built under his administration.

According to him, “We even have gone a step further in land allocation to private developers to give them incentive such as ensuring that payment are either waved or at least deferred. So there is no upfront cost to property developers and estate developers and that is a way of encouraging and boosting housing in the state. This is one of his four point agenda and he has stuck closely to delivering on that.
Ujam posited that “Since the inception of Enugu State or in fact since the creation of this state from the region, I can boost that he has been the best governor. This is a gentleman that is passionate about the people and the good welfare of Enugu citizenry. It is a highly challenging position but it is one that he has mastered and he has focused on delivering his promise to the god people of Enugu State.”

He however, advised whoever would succeed Chime to look around and see the good work that he has performed and try and performed better.”I believe that government is a continuum. So, project that have being on the pipeline, to make sure that they are completed. Bring them to logical conclusion and ensure that we do not derail from the vision of ensuring that the citizenry of Enugu benefit from good government.”

A resident in Maryland Estate, Mr. Igwe Joseph commended the governor and the Managing Director of Enugu State Housing Corporation for providing such a beautiful and peaceful estate in Enugu capital.

According to him, when you come inside the estate you can park your anywhere in the estate and nothing with happen to the car. It is a very beautiful environment every residents of Enugu would like to live in.

Another Resident of the estate, Mr. Emmanuel Onwanouba, disclosed everyresident or citizen of any state will like to live in a peace, quiet and secured environment and all those qualities, he said the estate has them.

Apart from high bills from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), he said every other things are okay in the estate. He however, pleaded with the state government to intervene in the power problem.

Deputy Chairman of Igboeze North Local Government Area in Enugu, Celestine Ezeugwu who is also a resident in Maryland Estate, disclosed that the estate is a very place live and raise children.

“Our amiable governor has done marvellously well. In fact he did us proud by building this befitting estate for low income earners especially. Maryland Estate is very clean and a decent place to live. I am aware that in the area of housing provision in the country, Chime is one of the best governors. Maryland Estate is among the least of the estates he built. If you go outside Enugu, there are several estates built by Governor Chime.”

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Updated 4 Years ago

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