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Caverton Helicopter constitutes safety awards for workers

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AS a way of further encouraging its workers to always put safety at the centre of all their activities in the company, Caverton Helicopters, a leading provider of premium aviation services to the oil and gas sector, has instituted a set of annual awards.

Ten workers of the firm members were recognised at the inaugural edition of the safety awards, which took place last week as part of the third yearly general meeting of the Caverton Offshore Support Group, the holding company for Caverton Helicopters and Caverton Marine Limited.

“The three cardinal principles of our operations are safety, safety, and safety,” said Mr. Aderemi Makanjuola, the chairman of the Caverton Group, at the occasion. “We have a strong safety culture already. But we can’t take this for granted. We have to keep instilling it in our staff that this is a non-negotiable value for us.”

The chairman’s Annual Safety Award for 2011 was given to Captain Tade Osunfisan, a pilot, for bravery, sound judgment and professional conduct during an emergency. In his citation, Captain Osunfisan was described as a role model, “who always makes himself available at all times to further the safety aims of the company.”

The Health, Safety and Environment Leadership Award was given to Mr. Yinka Jinadu, the Grounds Operation supervisor at the Ikeja facility of the company, for exemplifying all-round respect for safety in the organisation. The citation noted, “his whole team is well-led and his attention to detail particularly with regards to safety concerns is second to none.”

Mr. Femi Ibileye, a security at the Ikeja facility of the company, received personal commendation for insisting that a higher officer must wear seatbelt before driving out of the company’s premises. “This vigilance,” his citation read, “shows him to be a man with high commitment to safety and he is admired for this.”

Further commendations went to seven other members of staff for outstanding conducts during evacuation operations and for always ensuring that important safety measures are always adhered to. The other awardees are, Mr. Kingsley Uwagbale, Captain Chares de Mannoury, Captain Toki Adebowale, Mr. John Ogunmuyiwa, Mr. Joseph Ogunleye, Mr. Sunday Idoku and Mr. Austin Potoki.

“Safety is at the core of our business,” stated Bashir Bakare, a director of the company, who handed out the awards. “It matters to our clients and it even matters more to us. It is the centre-piece of our operations.”

Apart from providing premium aviation services to the oil and gas sector, Caverton Helicopters also undertakes security surveillance, medical evacuation, VIP charter, and fleet management and maintenance services. The company was incorporated in 2002, but commenced operations in 2004 with an intra-city shuttle service in Lagos.

From that humble beginning, Caverton Helicopters has grown steadily to become one of the  industry leaders in the oil-and-gas aviation sub-sector on account of its track record, investments in human resources and infrastructure, and commitment to safety and standards.

For upward of five years, the company submitted itself to rigorous audits from the major oil companies in Nigeria. In 2009 it passed the Shell Audit, which is regarded as the industry standard. The company got its big break in 2010 when, in partnership with Dancopter of Denmark, it was awarded a five-year contract by Shell for the provision, operation and maintenance of six AW139 helicopters.

This was followed by a three-year contract with Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited in 2011. In March this year Caverton Helicopters started a five-year contract for the provision of pipeline surveillance and passenger transfer service to the Cameroon Oil Transportation Company, COTCO. This was the first international operations of the wholly indigenous company.

Article credit: Guardian Newspaper

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