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Image: Facial Mask

28th March, 2012

We all like to give our skin a bit of a treat from time to time. So why waste that precious treatment on an inferior mask that does next to nothing for our skin? The women have spoken and compiled their favorite masks, and have included all of the reasons why they love these masks and will not live without them.

Lush “Mask of Mag-Naminty”

This mask is especially great for those with dry skin. All women have reported that this mask smells absolutely delicious, and it doesn’t give your skin that dry, tight feeling that a lot of other facial masks tend to do. Once it is removed from the skin, women report that their skin feels smoother, refreshed, and looks more luminous than it did before.

The two complaints that women have about this mask is that it is a bit chunky so it’s not the easiest to apply, and it can be rather hard to remove, but for the lasting effect that is left on the skin, many women deem this mask worthy to try.

Shiseido “The Skincare Purifying Mask”

For any woman who has problem skin that likes to break out and have blackheads, this mask is definitely for you. Women have been raving about this mask for years. Once applied, it will truly pull every impurity out from your pores and will leave you completely blemish free. Not only will you notice that your acne problems are cleared up, but your skin’s texture will improve and you will also notice that your pores reduce in size considerably. Users also notice that the skin is left looking brighter and more radiant prior to use.

The only downside is that this mask does cost $30, so it is a bit pricy when compared to other masks. But if you want a mask that will definitely do its job, then this is the product to purchase.

DDF “Sulfur Therapeutic Mask”

This mask is a must-have for all women who have acne prone skin. Women have reported that using it twice a week for 15 minutes at a time leaves their pores smaller and their acne noticeably reduced. Women also love the almond extract scent, and report that the mask feels wonderful on their skin.

The one downside is that this mask tends to be rather expensive when compared to the other mask brands on the market today, but for a once in a while treat for your face, it definitely is worth it.

Queen Helene Mint julep Masque

The immediate appeal to this mask is the price. This mask is significantly cheaper than a lot of the other masks out there, and it does the same job as a lot of the more expensive masks. Your skin will be left feeling refreshed, and it will look and feel fresher after it has been rinsed off as a result. Pores are reduced, acne will also begin to disappear, and the tube will last for a long time. This is definitely the best budget mask that you will find on the market today!

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