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Agbim, Aneke Back Keshi Ban On Euro trials

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Two key members of the national team on Wednesday added their voices to the move by Super Eagles Head Coach Stephen Keshi, to stop incessant European trips by players in search of trials.

Warri Wolves keeper and current captain of the Eagles,, Chigiozie Agbim, said he does not see the stance of the coach as punishment to any of the players, as they were given the option to quit camp if they so desire.

“Its like each time you build a house, it crumbles and you have to start all over again. It could be frustrating and you must build on solid, concrete grounds to survive the storm and I think at the end of the day, it’s we the players who will benefit the more from the policy,” he said.

On his part Nigeria Premier League record goals scorer, Jude Aneke, who just returned from trials some few weeks ago, said he feels the policy will give Nigerian football a new face and the players the respect they deserve from European club managers.

“Like the coach did say if any club feels we are good enough, they should come down here and sign us up, instead of calling us for trials that most times will not work. That is not how they treat their own professionals in Europe and we must accept that what the coach is saying is the right thing.”

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