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A loss, yet a bounce back

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A loss, yet a bounce back


Tinuke Abioro

No one can claim ignorance of Tinuke Abioro. One of the matriarchs of high society, she was married to the late Chief Bolanrinwa Abioro.

Her husband was a foremost socialite and music promoter who contributed immensely to the success of King Sunny Ade. Gorgeously dressed at all times, the former, who bore him one child, Mobola, is a regular at gatherings. Adored in the social circles, she is a friend to a good number of top notch women who call the shots in the party arena.

Juliana Edewor-Thomas

When Peter John Claudius Adeniyi Thomas died in 2009, his friends and associates were greatly saddened. Worst hit was his wife, Juliana Edewor-Thomas of the popular Edewor family of Edo state. Her father Chief James Edewor is a successful businessman just like her husband was.

Edewor-Thomas who flaunts looks that belie her age undoubtedly hits the A -list in town. In addition to operating successfully as an interior decor expert and clinching many plum jobs in the process, she owns Chardonnay and Green Room, both fun spots located in a classy neighbourhood in Lagos.

These days she goes about her business stylishly attired in trendy wear and a bright smile that almost always lights up her face.

Lola Adefusika

When Lola Adefusika, the very beautiful woman behind JOED turned 50 a few weeks ago, not a few people who were in attendance at the top-rate soiree could swear that she looked at least a decade younger.

The extremely lavish gig which was graced by family and friends, who ensured a high turnout, was one that featured lavish celebration. With the kind of joy she exuded at the occasion, it was almost impossible to believe she was widowed many years ago.

With wonderful memories of the father of her kids etched in her heart, Adefusika has done very well for herself. Little wonder she is still turning heads in the social milieu.

Abiodun Aluko

When the sun set for Bankole Aluko SAN in 2002, it was obvious the Nigerian Bar lost a brilliant member of the inner bar.

Until his death, the legal icon was also a keen sports enthusiast, who loved the not-so-elitist game of football. A principal partner at Aluko & Oyebode, a firm of solicitors in Lagos, his father, Dr. Timothy Aluko, was an engineer-turned novelist.

Reputed for pursuing excellence, his very beautiful wife, Abiodun, who trained as a medical doctor has distinguished herself in the society.

In her early 50s, she had an elaborate 50th birthday celebration a few years ago. The groove which had in attendance the crème de la crème of society, somewhat marked her re-entry into the social circuit.

Not one you would readily describe as a socialite, she makes a careful pick of functions she attends and you would always find her composed like a British royal is wont to do.

Margery Okadigbo

Very little was seen or heard about Margery Okadigbo, until her husband passed away. She is the widow of Chuba Okadigbo, a former Senate President. The light skinned mother of four had adopted a low profile lifestyle until recently when she convinced herself to experiment with politics during the last elections for the Anambra North senatorial seat.

Vying to clinch a seat in the National Assembly having emerged the senatorial candidate on the Peoples Democratic Party platform, her dream of becoming a member of the legislature was aborted prematurely by supposed power-that-be in the state’s politics.

Julie Bazuaye

Yet another svelte beauty, Julie Bazuaye is no push-over when it comes to style. A lawyer turned business woman, the light skinned woman was married to the late senior officer of the Nigerian Airforce, Group Captain Sam Ethnan.

Her rating in the social circle happened to get a life- changing boost after she opened a top flight clothing store located on the island a few years ago.

This marked an unprecedented soar in her social rating, what with the who-is-who that assembled to give life to the event.

Stella Ilodibe

Glamorous in all ramifications, Stella Ilodibe is one of the wives of the late founder of the Ekene Dili Chukwu Group of Companies, Chief Augustine Ejikeme. She is perhaps the most prominent. Before and after her husband’s death, she has been a regular feature on the social scene.

Known for her gorgeous dress sense, especially the outstanding necklaces, the widow has since bounced back, bigger and better.

Tina Ogundoyin

In the Oyo State capital, Ibadan, Tina Ogundoyin is one of the most celebrated society women and many reasons can be adduced for this vantage position she occupies.

First, her late husband, Chief Adeseun Ogundoyin, was not only a prominent socialite, he was a successful businessman whose exploits in that field is highly revered.

Though the deceased was a polygamist, Tina happens to be the most prominent of his wives despite being a non-Yoruba. A native of one of the states in eastern Nigeria, Tina’s ability to speak the Yoruba language with relative ease further endeared her to admirers.

Popularly addressed as Queen of Sheba, her disarming beauty and in-depth knowledge of fashion are just some of the things she has going for her and which makes her relevant till date. All of these are in addition to successfully running her several business ventures.

Hannah Afolabi

A close friend of Tina Ogundoyin, Hannah Afolabi was married to the former Internal Affairs Minister, late Chief S.M. Afolabi, until his demise. She is another prominent face in Ibadan and she is just as stylish as her friend, a trait that causes them to be conspicuous.

Sola Areago-Elegbede

Those who described Sola Areago-Elegbede as the dame of glamour are not far from the truth. The wife of late General Elegbede, this dark-complexioned widow, who is renowned for her love for white attire, is endowed with a beauty devoid of unnatural enhancements.

Bimbo Arawole –Alashe

A well established businesswoman, Bimbo Arawole-Alashe is the innovative founder of Leatherworld Interiors. Very prominent on the social scene in the time past, the low profile life she adopted in recent times has not rubbed off negatively on her prominence. Married for many years, Arawole-Alashe, who lost her spouse many years ago, still flaunts an impressive charisma. - Nigerian news, entertainment news, nollywood, naija, Nigeria, West Africa

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