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A Letter to My President

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It was 6 years ago that I first heard about you, then you were described as a weak Vice-President and not fit for the battle ahead against the political elite and for the leadership of Nigeria.

I took one look at you and told the commenter that he was gravely mistaken, “this is a brave man”.

6 years later, you proved me right and wrong, on one hand you are not fit for the battle ahead against the political elite of Nigeria. On the other hand you proved me right, you are brave.

Today Nigeria has its first STATESMAN of a generation, a lion, a principled democrat, My President.

The aforementioned political elite are willing to rig elections, steal votes and stoke violence all in the name of politics and in a chase for ever eluding power. You are no match for them, you are a man, you feel and you care. You fight but with your costs carefully calculated, they are lions in the wild seeking prey, you are a lion with a heart, seeking only a meal, no damage further, in fact you are not a lion, you are human. You are no match for them because you are human, what a good way to fail that in failing you have changed the rules of Nigerian politics and made it fair game for humans.

As I sit to write today, I am in the middle of one of the busiest days of my life but I had to write, because it must be said on this day, that on April Fool’s Day 2015, you Sir made a fool of autocratic rule, you played in the first truly fair election in the history of Nigeria and you lost the game but you won our hearts because you did what any great leader does, you led us to a new height in our nationhood, you saved us from ourselves, you gave up the option of reign and so we crown you with the glory of reverence.

In May 1960 a confluence of divided rivers created a nation on the rocks, it will eventually achieve a Civil war, suffer wanton looting, survive psychopathic rule and somehow remain intact, but yesterday all could have been lost but it is intact, it is intact and we smile and accord no little regard to you, for not sending us into the battle ground, for we would have gladly gone. Had you called on us we would have burned this place to the ground but you said “As I have always affirmed, nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. The unity, stability and progress of our dear country is more important than anything else”.

While I still affirm that you are still the best candidate, I recognize the impatience of the general population. I have always advocated for your Presidency and I still do, if the people want the General, that is fine, for the next 4 years we will be loyal and wish that he leads us in a positive direction, we will support every good and oppose every evil.

Today those of us who have values, who understand what today represents for the future of a United Nigeria, including those of us who fought for you and even those who fought for the opposition, all of us as Nigerians recognize the magnitude of what has happened today, but if at all others do not, I still do.

I pray for you knowing how difficult little failures are and therefore how painful this most public loss must be, take heart, where other think you have failed some know that today  Nigeria has won because of you, a tough and concrete precedent has been set today, a confirmation has been made of your integrity and magnanimity.

Today more than any other day I am proud to call you My President!

I voted for the best man, I voted for a man, Nigeria needs men!

Salute! I love My President.


With pure love and admiration

A fellow lover of Nigeria

And your Son,

King Ifeanyi Oruruo

Chairman/CEO LIVEN Capital


Below is King Oruruo's Facebook cover for Jonathan, Feel free to borrow for positive use.

Updated 4 Years ago

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