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A Football Field Sized Asteroid to Pass from the Closest Orbit of Earth

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As per a report given by the scientists of NASA, a 50 meters wide asteroid, almost of the size of a football field will fly closer to earth on February 15. There are no chances of the asteroid colliding with the earth surface but it will make a record of the closest passing asteroid ever. It will pass closer than the man made satellites.

This asteroid named as 2012 DA14 will be at a distance of 28,000 kilometers from the Earth's surface, which is even closer than a geosynchronous satellite that is used for telecommunications and to record weather data. NASA is planning to collect some data on the asteroid's size, spin and shape through the NASA's Goldstone radar located at Mojave Desert, when asteroid will pass from that track.

The scientists are of the view that, since the asteroid is close enough and would be bright enough to see through a basic telescope, the asteroids speed may hamper this plan. Scientists believe that the asteroid is made up of stone rather than metal or ice.

NASA's Near Earth Object Program, Don Yeomans, said that asteroid of this size impacts the earth surface once in 1200 years. Seeking the earlier records, he adds that an asteroid of similar size collided with the earth surface 50,000 year's back which created a Meteor Crater in Arizona.


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