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4 Things your body needs this New Year

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Taking care of our bodies should be at the top of our list for 2016 and here are four things our bodies definitely need this new year.

1) Some definition: Last year was full of well concealed flab thanks to waist trainers, this year we need to see some shape in our naked silhouette regardless of our natural body habitus. Goal number 1 is to look good naked!

2) A screening test: Last year all of the attention our breasts and cervix got were mostly in the form of lingerie and over eager man friends! This year a pap smear and a breast examination is our goal number 2! Early detection of breast and cervical cancer saves lives!

3) DETOX: Carrying on with all the toxins of 2015 right through 2016 will weigh you down. It could be a week of eating just fruits or a decision to drink at 3 liters of water every day. Whatever it is your body will thank you. Goal number 3 is to go green!

4) REHAB: Smoking, binge drinking, over-eating, starvation, multiple random unprotected sexual intercourse, sleeping with makeup on, drug abuse- laxatives, psychoactive drugs, herbal concoctions, bitters and lack of sleep will make you age like a tossed aside, beat up car! What's your poison? Goal number 4 is to go to a personal or organized rehab for a new you and a new life!

Listen to your body and she will reward you with self-confidence, good health and confidence

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Updated 3 Years ago

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