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2015 Presidency: It's Jonathan or Nobody, Says TAN

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A non-governmental organisation, Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN), has disclosed that the mandate of President Goodluck Jonathan needs to be renewed so as to enable him consolidate on and expand his modest achievements so far.

A member of the orgaisation and professor of sociology, Prof. Joe Okanlawon,  made this assertion while speaking with journalists in Awka yesterday.

He pointed out that the President has visibly used his transformation agenda to impact positively on the people and the polity. He noted that it is therefore wise, ideal and advisable to allow him consolidate on and spread of the achievements.

He noted that all the sectors of the economy have received the midas touch of the president, who has proved that with focus and a quality leadership, Nigeria as a nation would overcome her challenges like any other nation in advanced democracies and take her pride of place among nations.

Describing the progressively improving power supply in the country as a revolution by the President, Okanlawon admitted its as an outstanding achievement that cannot be wished away by anyone, irrespective of political antagonism or opposition.

He emphasised that a great number of industries, especially the small/medium scale industries that were hitherto forced to shut down because of poor and epileptic power supply have all now bounced back, because of the restoration of power by President Jonathan.

Okanlawon said the situation had become so bad at a time that the industrialists had to rely on the expensive, alternative sources of power, that is the generators, which he noted was very expensive thereby making the cost of production higher than the ruling market prices. And that most of the workers that were laid off and thrown into the already overpopulated unemployment market later became agents of insecurity in the country, thereby justifying the saying that ‘an idle hand will always be the devil’s workshop’.

Okanlawon pointed out that things have since changed for the better since the president through the reform policies, embarked on a systematic restructuring of the power sector through privatisation and unbundling which made it possible for over 4000kw of electricity to be generated and distributed across the country now. “There are indications that before long that level of power generation and supply will double,” he said.

The result, he observed, was magical as all categories of entrepreneurs quickly lubricated their machineries and bounced back to active production.
He stated clearly that members of TAN were so excited by the performance of Mr. President, hence their willingness to showcase the monumental achievements to the nooks and crannies of the country. He said  it was in demonstration of their support for Jonathan that TAN sponsored 15 people to Brazil to watch the Super Eagles during the just concluded World Cup, where souvenirs were cheerfully distributed.

He emphasised that the group will not rest on its oars till the president’s mandate is renewed, because according to him, ‘the reward for a hard work is more work’.

He posited that allowing Jonathan continue after the first four years will allow him deepen and widen the scope of his achievements to serve as springboard for further development to whoever succeeds him in 2019.

Article Credit: Thisdaylive

Updated 4 Years ago

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