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Segun Arinze Calls On Pay Cut In Allowances Of Political Office Holders ... Faults Pastor Tunde Baka

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The on-going heat-up in the Nigerian polity generated by the recent removal of fuel subsidy by the government has been spawning more reactions from the movie world.

The latest movie practitioner to come out to speak on the issue is the Segun Arinze. Segun, the president of Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), was speaking at a television show monitored by NigeriaFilms.Com earlier today.

According to Segun Arinze, he said he was not against the fuel subsidy removal but that the way the government went about it was faulty. 
He faulted the government for not building trust in the Nigerian citizens before implementing such policy. 

In his words, “If the government had come out on January 1 to announce a pay cut in its basic salaries and allowances, then by April, come to announce the removal of the subsidy by 20%, Nigerians wouldn’t have raise a brawl.”

Segun said the government needs to earn the trust of the masses before coming out with such policy. He also pointed out that the government needs to put structures in place to soften the effect of the fuel subsidy removal. 

On the allegation that Nollywood supported President Jonathan during his campaign, the AGN president said, “In Hollywood, 75% supported [President] Obama’s election campaign, so, there was no crime in Nollywood supporting Jonathan during his campaign.” 

Segun Arinze also faulted the verbal attack on Mr. President by Pastor Tunde Bakare at the Lagos protest at Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota, Lagos yesterday. 

According to Segun, “attack the policy and not the person, it is unfair to attack the person of Mr President, it means an attack on Nigeria,” Segun said.

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