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‘Airtel’s committed to being inovative’

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RIDING on the euphoria of recently launched 2Good Time by Airtel Nigeria, the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Olu Akanmu has said that after going through the several enriching packages Airtel has introduced to its subscribers, the company could be described as a leader in creating innovative value-added offerings for best telecommunications experience.

Akanmu said that “Airtel is committed to being the innovation leader in this market, and more of this kind of products is coming from Airtel. This is the first choose-your-own-affordable time belt telecom product in Nigeria. I have not seen any other network that offers subscribers an affordable call rate of 10k per second between 5 and 7 am or between 1 and 3.59 pm.”

He called on families and friends to maximize the opportunities affordable on the 2Good Times platforms to bridge and strengthen relationship ties which he said often come under severe strain due to certain compelling economic and environmental factors.

For him, “Airtel is committed to making that difference in the life of every Nigerian. What we have seen is that a lot of people wake up very early in the morning without being able to see their families and talk with them. But with Airtel 2Good Times, they can do that now. If you choose a traffic time, for instance 5-7 am as the time you consider your affordable time, you can call them at 10k per second and be able to talk much more with them. This is one more reason to be on the Airtel network.”

Meanwhile, Airtel Nigeria has assured of its readiness to lead the pack in providing top quality telecoms experience to the Nigerian public.

The executive director of the company, Deepak Srivastava recounted some of the initiatives undertaken by the telecoms giant, saying that it had made substantial investment in capacity building, covering network capacity expansion, quality of service and visible broadband access among others.

He said that “we have recently set up a state-of –the-art data centre in Lagos which is the biggest across our African markets; it is the most modern data centre, and it indeed replaces most of the legacy equipment that this company had.

More importantly, we have increased the capacity of our network; we have actually more than doubled the capacity of our network, and this means we can still have more subscribers and not face congestion. So, we will always invest ahead of time, we will always invest ahead of what the market needs to make sure that we give good quality experience to our customers.”

Article credit: Vanguard Newspaper

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