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'Fashion Police' Fetes Host Joan Rivers at 80

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IMAGE: comedian and TV host Joan Rivers from the show "Fashion Police" and her daughter Melissa Rivers »

11. June


"I'm having a great time," Joan Rivers crows before offering a brisk
self-appraisal: "Everything is working, my mind is fine.

"The only time I play the age card is on planes when I'm trying to put
a bag above the seat: 'I am 80 years old! Would someone PLEASE help

Actually, she only turned 80 on Saturday, a milestone that has
prompted the E! network to stage a Joan Rivers "takeover": Its regular
one-hour edition of "Fashion Police" (airing Friday at 10 p.m. EDT)
will be a black-tie birthday salute, preceded nightly through Thursday
by special half-hours (at 10:30 p.m. EDT) featuring guest appearances
by celebrities and even victims of past fashion slams, reports The
Associated Press.

This means frequent-flier Rivers would soon be back on a plane for Los
Angeles to tape this five-day marathon while she marvels at the
success of "Fashion Police," which, since premiering three years ago,
has only tightened its grip in the culture as a wicked hybrid of style
and snark.

Rivers is well-served by her co-hosts Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne
and George Kotsiopoulos, all of whom can deliver shrewd analysis as
well as piercing gibes at red-carpet infractions.

But "Fashion Police" is perfectly tailored to the comedic skills of
Rivers as demonstrated by her 46-years-and-counting in show biz.

Hear her hail Uma Thurmond, sheathed in Versace at the Cannes Film
Festival: "This gown is so feminine, so silver — it's the Anderson
Cooper of dresses!"

Hear her skewer a baggy, dizzyingly hued Alexander McQueen jumpsuit
worn by actress Marion Cotillard at a Crash Magazine party: "The
pattern looks like Precious sat on somebody's butterfly collection."

Sure, it's "Police" brutality, but Rivers and her "Joan Rangers" are
never less than arresting.

At first, Rivers resisted the urge to do the show.

"I remember, I was in Vegas on a treadmill — cause you STILL try! —
saying to my agent and (daughter) Melissa, 'cause Melissa's
exec-producing, 'You're crazy! I'm not gonna do this! I'm not gonna

Her mind was changed.

"We do the jokes, and we tell the truth, too," Rivers sums up proudly.
"E! told me, 'Whatever you want to say, you say.' We're having so much
fun! And our lawyers are so dear."

Interviewed last week, she presides from an ottoman in the den of her
vast Upper East Side Manhattan digs, a spread whose unabashed
spectacle she dubs "Louis XIV meets Fred (Astaire) and Ginger

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Updated 6 Years ago

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