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African Magic Movies (115)

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Teusday Wednesday Thursday
16:22The Unwritten
21:26Golden Axe
22:35The Escape
18:55Golden Stool 23:41Golden Axe Aka Land Of Dwarfs 00:35Okada Man
21:26Golden Axe
01:30Kingdom Disaster 02:20Money Love
  03:51Falling Throne 04:15Demons In The Land
  06:20Once Upon A Time In Ghana 06:00Royal Dream
  07:50Evil Twins 09:35Obey The Law
  10:10Faces On Fire 11:40Njima
  13:10Aminata 13:15My Woman
  15:35Spirit Of A Prophet 15:45Over My Dead Body
  17:50Spirit Of A Prophet Aka Power As Of... 17:20Mr Ibu
  20:15Jasper 20:35Royal Messenger
  22:35The Escape
Friday Saturday Sunday
20:35Royal Messenger
21:35Against My Wish
22:45Falling Throne
23:00Worlds Apart 23:35Okada Man 01:05Final Surrender
01:40Demons In The Land 01:20Aguba Igogoro 03:35Demons In The Land
03:10Agony Of The Christ 03:20The Barrister 05:05Informant
06:00King On The Run 04:45The Barrister 06:30Mystic Ring
08:10Queen Of The Jungle 06:20Fake Drug 08:40Njima
10:10Burning Spear 07:35Royal Tears 10:15Royal Messenger
12:10Golden Axe 10:05Tears Of Hope 12:40Spirit Of A Prophet
14:40Golden Axe Aka Land Of Dwarfs 12:15Onwa December 14:55Spirit Of A Prophet Aka Power As Of...
16:35Keziah 14:00Jasper 17:20Aminata
19:00The Unwritten 16:20Okada Man 19:15Movie TBA
21:35Against My Wish
18:05Movie TBA 21:35Lost In The Jungle AKA Mountain Of...
  20:25Kingdom Disaster  
  22:45Falling Throne
Monday Teusday Wednesday
21:35Lost In The Jungle AKA Mountain Of...
21:50King On The Run
21:10Burning Spear
23:45Lost In The Jungle 00:00Keziah 23:10Agony Of The Christ
01:20Money Love 02:25Omalinze... The Son Of Fate 01:40Golden Axe
03:35Obey The Law 03:55Omalinze... The Son Of Fate 04:10Golden Axe Aka Land Of Dwarfs
06:00Mr Ibu 06:00The Barrister 06:05Final Surrender
09:15Demons In The Land 07:25The Barrister 08:35The Unwritten
10:45Royal Tears 09:00Sunday School Children 11:10Aguba Igogoro
13:15Tears Of Hope 10:30Worlds Apart 12:40The Heart Of Man
15:25Obey The Law 13:10Touch And Follow 14:50Kingdom Disaster
17:30The Escape 15:05Okada Man 17:10Falling Throne
19:30Movie TBA 16:50Last Ofalla 19:30Return Of The Ghost
21:50King On The Run
19:10Queen Of The Jungle  
  21:10Burning Spear
Thursday Friday Saturday
19:30Return Of The Ghost
21:30Rhythym Of Love
21:00Obey The Law
23:45Royal Tears 23:50Mystic Ring 23:05Mr Ibu
02:15Tears Of Hope 02:00Faces On Fire 02:20Over My Dead Body
04:25Over My Dead Body 06:00Omalinze... The Son Of Fate 04:05Demons In The Land
06:00Keziah 07:30Omalinze... The Son Of Fate 06:00Okada Man
08:25Lost In The Jungle AKA Mountain Of... 08:55Aminata 07:45My Woman
10:00Lost In The Jungle 10:50Last Ofalla 10:15Aguba Igogoro
12:10Spirit Of A Prophet 13:10Money Love 11:45Queen Of The Jungle
14:25Spirit Of A Prophet Aka Power As Of... 15:05Royal Dream 13:45Burning Spear
16:50Royal Messenger 18:40Movie TBA 15:45Omaliko
19:15Sound Of Love 21:00Obey The Law
19:35Golden Axe
21:30Rhythym Of Love
  22:05Golden Axe Aka Land Of Dwarfs
Sunday Monday  
22:05Golden Axe Aka Land Of Dwarfs
21:30Tears Of Hope
00:00Njima 00:00Sound Of Love  
01:35Worlds Apart 02:10Rhythym Of Love  
04:15Onwa December 04:05Informant  
06:00Gone Forever 06:00Spirit Of A Prophet  
07:35Keziah 08:15Spirit Of A Prophet Aka Power As Of...  
10:00Kingdom Disaster 10:40Against My Wish  
12:20Falling Throne 12:40Faces On Fire  
14:40Last Ofalla 15:50Evil Twins  
17:00Jasper 18:15Royal Messenger  
19:20Royal Tears 20:40Captain
21:30Tears Of Hope

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