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IBB International Golf Course

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The IBB International Golf Course sits on approximately 101 hectares of land. It is located in the choicest part of Abuja, very close to the Presidential Villa and National Assembly. Built in 1990, the IBB Golf Course maintains an ecological balance between the wildlife and humans.

Prior to construction, the area was a very thick forest, compartmentalized by many small meandering river flows, and housing assorted wild animals and birds. Today it is about the only place in the bustling and heavily developed part of Abuja, or indeed anywhere in Nigeria, where animals such as crocodiles, monkeys and pythons are found in thier natural habitat, harmlessly sharing nature with golfers and their visitors.

As part of the golf course development, the rivers have been dredged to create lakes and enhance aquatic life and beauty.

A bird's eye view of this course shows mans desire to recreate nature for his relaxation. This recreated environment is characterised by rivers, lakes and dams crisscrossing the course; with fish and crocrodiles habiting the waters; different species of trees, orchards of ornamental palms and fruit trees that attract the migrant birds, snakes and squirrels, monkeys and antelopes;

IBB Golf Course is a 18-hole course covering about 101 Hectares (1,000,740m3) of land, located at Aso Drive, the most priced area of Abuja




IBB Golf club, Abuja
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