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Flavour Nabania (Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli)

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The Ashawo Singer is here, Flavour N’abania - the ultimate serenade for an African Traditional Ceremony. He rose to fame with a remix of “Sawale” a song by Late Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson a renowned Nigerian musician on his second album.

Today the song is known to many as “Ashawo” which is a slang for Prostitute, although the song is officially titled “Nwa Baby”.

Welcome to Logbaby’s biography of Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli, an entertaining tale of a great African Story in Music. Oyolima…


Name: Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli

Stage or nickname: Flavour N’abania aka Flavour or Mr. Flavour

Date of birth: February 23, 1983

Physique: 6’2 (Best Guess)

State of Origin: Anambra State (Community: Umunze, Orumba South LGA)


Flavour N’abania is a Nigerian Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist (with varied instruments) and stage Performer. Born November 23rd 1983. In 2005 He came to the limelight at age 21 with the released his self titled debut album N'abania.

In 2010, Flavour released his second studio album Uplifted. It was supported by the singles "Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)", "Adamma", and "Oyi Remix". While he was already relevant on the African music scene this album catapulted him in to the ranks of the most popular artists, securing growing appearances in shows, concerts and social events.



Early Life: 

Flavour was born in Enugu City, Enugu State, although he hails from Umunze in Orumba South LGA, Anambra State

Flavour is the first son in a family of 4 siblings and 7 step siblings. His mother is Mrs Onyinyechukwu Jane Okorie. She was a clerk in the Anambra State Board of Internal Revenue and strained to fend for 5 children. His early life must have been hard as his mother reveals that she worked 2 hours away in Onitsha and with low wages.Things were so bad in those days that she devised the food code 101 (one in the morning, nothing in the afternoon and one in the evening) and in worse scenarios, it would be code 010. ‘It was hard for her as a civil servant to take care of five of us’ Flavour reveals. She laboured to make sure her kids turned out well.

As a child Flavour had to sell ‘ice water’ on the streets of Enugu where he is hero-worshipped today. As Flavour began to desire a career in music these struggles did not break his resolve as he was afraid of failure and what his mother would say if he didn’t succeed.

“I saw my mum as my biggest challenge and I was ready to prove her wrong,” he says. 


He began his musical career as a drummer for a local church in Enugu at 13. From there he was introduced to Chris I. Ordor, the CEO of SoundCity Communications  by the resident pastor. Ordor had recently founded a company aimed at training young musicians on the basics of music and building them into professionals. In 1996, Flavour was invited to join the company on an educational scholarship to study music. After three years of playing the drums, Flavour started playing the drums professionally. In 1999, Flavour moved on from playing the drums and started playing the keyboard.[4] He also provided backup vocals to other musicians at SoundCity.

Music Beginnings:Description: IFrame

At the inception Flavour did not dream of being a musician, his life just happened to take shape in that direction. Flavour's family wasn't very fond of his musical ambitions; they often dismissed it as a pipe dream. His mother in particular believed that his musical ambitions wouldn't amount to anything. She later disclosed on the Tv Reality show “Supermom”, that she never wanted him to be an artiste, rather she had always dreamt and hoped that he would become a medical doctor since he was doing really well in his sciences. She says, “Those days, nobody wanted their child to become a musician because they used to drink and they were wayward people. I did not want that for my child. More so, even if he wanted to do music, I said it should not be outside the church but I didn’t reckon with what God had in store for him.”

At the age of 19, Flavour emerged unto Nigeria's musical scene as a local drummer and pianist for a band in Enugu. Key notes of his early career were a performance at City Centre, Enugu which drew massive crowds and inspired the upstart, he was also at that time beginning to be a relevant player in the Enugu social events performance scene. Flavour eventually learnt music production from Dekumzy, Isi Charles and Nnachie, complementing his education at Soundcity.

In 2005, Flavour released his debut album N'abania through Obaino Music. The album's success was remarkable but in many ways limited to his Igbo Tribe of South Eastern Nigeria and especially Enugu State. Flavour collaborated with Mr. Raw on the album's lead single "N'abania".

His main break came with the release of Uplifted in 2010 and especially the runaway success of the song Nwa Baby aka “Ashawo”. The song, a remix of a classic by Late Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson (His version was called “Sawale”) was immensely vulgar to some yet incredibly popular in the main stream. It included a “raw” and “censored” version and sings about Night life in a very glaring way. The album's top singles include now infamous songs "Adamma", and "Oyi" featuring Tiwa Savage.

His Music:

Beyond his beginnings Flavour N’abania has continued to produce hits. He released Blessed in October 2012 through 2nite Entertainment and iROCKING LTD. Arguably his biggest album to date It was launched on the same day as 2nite Club . In an interview with iROKTV, Flavour said: "I think I'm growing. This is my third album... Now it's time to give them the music, like define myself. I have to be more mature with my music, lyrics and instrumentation wise. I worked with tons of producers and the whole production process made sense."

In December 2014 he released Thankful , applying hit after hit in a signature style that is still unique in the Nigerian market.

His songs are renowned for a deep adherence to rhythm, and at every turn they show but his instrumental roots and a taste of Igbo traditional music. The majority of his songs are sang either in his native Igbo language or with a deep interlude of Igbo in his English Songs.

His genre of music is a special modification of Highlife Music a genre popularized by singers like Oliver De Coque, Osadebe and the man he would later be famous for duplicating, Sir Rex Jim Lawson. Flavour is one of the breakout stars of the last 10 years, and constantly referenced as the revivalist of a dying genre, “highlife”.

Contrary to popular thinking, Flavour did not start off as a Singer, he actually started as a Drummer and later added the Piano to his list of Instrument, he also plays the Guitar among other instruments.

His most popular songs include Golibe, Ada Ada, Nwa Baby, Keneya and a host of other national and international hits, most hitting on the romantic side of life.

He also has many noteworthy features including in Zoro’s “Oghene”, Phyno’s “Authe”, Chidinma’s oh baby, Timaya's "Money" and Tiwa Savage's "Baby mo".



·         N'abania (2005)

·         Uplifted (2010)

·         Blessed (2012)

·         Thankful (2014)


Latest Album "Thankful" Tracks:

1. Keneya
2. Ololufe ft. Chidinma
3. Dance
4. Orinado
5. Wake Up ft. Wande Coal
6. Golibe
7. Wiser ft. Phyno & MI
8. Nwayo Nwayo
9. Skit ft. Waga G & Onyii
10. Sexy Rosey
11. Nwanyi Mbaise

12. Special One
13. Ife Adigomma
14. Mmege ft. Selebobo
15. Skit ft. Oloye, Jerry Cee, Whad Up & Waga G

16. Uru Dia (Shake 2) 

17. Inasonki
18. Believe
19. Munachi
20. Igbo Amaka
21. Pick Up Your Phone

Flavour currently dwells in Lagos, Nigeria. He has a daughter with Sandra Okagbue named Gabrielle and another with Ex-beauty queen and actress Anna Ebiere Banner named Sophia.

Today:Description: IFrameDescription: IFrame

Baby Sofia with Mother Anna Banner His Daughter with Sandra Okagbue



Flavour has an estimated networth of $28.5m according to Nigerian Entertainment Industry Sites, the core of his networth comes from performance revenue as Album sales in Nigeria is characterised by wantom bootlegging. He also has substantial endorsement deals especially with Globacom Limited a Nigerian Telecommunications Company. He is rumoured to be a co-owner of the 2nite Nightclub inside Villa Toscana Hotel in Enugu and also owns a music studio in Enugu.


Personal Life: Both Blessings and Scandals

In 2012 allegations were made by a Ghanaian music group that Flavour stole their song's rythm and tempo.

In 2016 he broke the hearts of his two babymamas, Sandra Okagbue and Anna Banner (a Nigerian Beauty Queen), who may have been hoping to settle down with the singer someday, following an interview with HipTV (April 2016) where he stated he would not be getting married to any of them. He added that “Marriage is not a thing that you just go into. This music business is a serious business. My own opinion, I think if you are in the peak of your career, you don’t need any distraction. So for now, I think marriage could be a distraction for me because it is a whole big institution that when you go in, you have to be fully prepared to know what you are getting into,” he said. “And right now, looking at everything, its not so easy for me now….and most of my colleagues, whenever they get married, everything starts crashing down. I keep asking people, have you ever seen a successful musician having a good home and a good career? Its not going to be easy. If you know one, just tell me” he added.



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