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Victory International Ministries- Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Victory Int'l Ministries is an outreach and Church planting Ministry with a mandate to take the word of victory to the nations and let the oppressed and down-trodden go Free.

The Church arm of the Ministry, The Chapel of Victory Intl Churches, currently has 12 Churches in Nigeria and Outreach/teaching Ministries Internationally.

Our Vision:
Reach the Nations with the victorious gospel, raise foundations and equip them for the great commission and make them Champions and victorious in this life

Our Mission:
1. Bring sinners to Christ and turn them to ministers of the Gospel - Isa 58:1
2. Bring Victory to the oppressed; undo heavy burdens and loose bands of wickedness -Isa 58:6
3. Support the hungry, the poor, the naked - Isa 58:7
4. Raise up champions and builders - Isa 58:12

Our Purpose statement: WORDMAN
To bring people to WORSHIP God and Know Jesus Christ through purposeful OUTREACH meetings, teach them to REIGN in this life as Champions, DISCIPLE them and bring them to Christ-like maturity, train and equip them for their MINISTRY in Christ's body and develop them to walk in AGAPE love by caring for the poor and needy and ministering to the oppressed with NOW emphasis.




Everybody is afraid of change because it affects our comfort zones.  We are used to the old way of doing things, but if we want a different result this time, it is time to change.  Change means progress and progress means change.  Today begins a new opportunity for you to put some things right in your life and make some positive changes.  Here are daily suggestions for a brighter life.

PRAY no matter how busy you are, or how late, tired or stressed you are.  Your entire life depends on this. 1 Thess 5: 17 – Pray without ceasing.  Prayer is important; it is your need crying out to God for help.  God has promised to lead you, help you and direct you if you would commit your ways to him Prov 3: 6.  Acknowledge God in all your ways and let Him know that you are depending on Him.


 READ His word.  Jesus declared in Matt 4: 4 …..” It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”   The word of God is life.  It will change any situation, it brought Lazarus back to life from the dead, read it, study it, memorize it and you will see the difference it will make in every situation you will face today.

 OPEN YOURSELF TO NEW RELATIONSHIPS.  God wants us to connect with each other.  When He spoke to Abraham in Gen12: 3 He said  ...”I will bless thee …. And I will make thee a blessing “He means that he is the carrier of someone’s blessing.  Reach out to people, yourself friendly, love people, care for others and be a blessing to others in any little way possible, Sow a seed of blessing and you will see how much harvest of goodness you will reap.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS YOU LOVE THEM.  Appreciate people, express your love to them, and tell them how much they mean to you.  Imagine how often God says it to us.  He loves us and did not hide it.  Jesus is God’s love expressed.  Express your love to someone today.


 MAINTAIN A POSITIVE ATTITUDE:  Create a right atmosphere for you to experience peace and joy in the Lord. Do not dwell on negative issues, Stop complaining, grumbling and murmuring about everything.  Be positive, God is a good God, expect a miracle, a turn around for good , don’t expect bad things to happen believe God and His people, something good will happen to you.


I am positive that all will be well with you this season, if you are willing to make these changes to your daily life, be obedient to the spirit of God.  God has already placed before you an open door, Walk through it, it is well with you. 

Children of Victory International Ministry

CVIC Children department is made up of children from age range zero to 12 years old.

VISION: To reach the children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ Physically,Spiritually,Mentally & Socially.

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE: (1) Bible Club. (2) Sunday School- Bible lessons,Morals,Games etc. (3)Ministry-Wide annual Convention (4) Holiday Bible Camp.

LEADERSHIP & RESPONSIBILITIES:Our leadership team, comprising:Children Pastor,Branch Co-ordinators,Teachers & Minders, are responsible for training, counselling and Children-Parent visitations.


TEENS of Victory International Ministry


Youth of Victory International Ministry


VISION: To empower the youth for a focused future.  

 MISSION:We are a chosen generation……1 Pet 2:9. God chose us and we did not choose ourselves.The purpose why God chose us is to give him praise. We are a generation of people called out from darkness into his marvellous light.In fulfilling this vision we are involved in outreach activities. Members of the arm are part of the service arms in the ministry.

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE: Presently we hold an annual youth convention. This program is for all the youth in the ministry. It is aimed at making us share fellowship with one another, discipling members and enhancing our career development. Each branch (including the Headquarters) also organise in-house programs. These programs are coordinated by the branch youth pastors or resident pastors or pastors in-charge. The ministry youth pastor co-ordinates the activities at the ministry level. The ministry youth pastor holds meeting with all youth executives at the beginning of the year and also quarterly.The meeting is aimed at getting feedbacks and appraising our performance.

 LEADERSHIP: Presently Pastor Tonye Amapakabo is the ministry youth co-ordinator

NUMERICAL STRENGTH: Presently our numerical strength is about four hundred and sixty eight (468) 



Phone 0803312637, 07034115361
Address No.29 Victory Avenue, Off Elekahia, Rumukalagbor Road, Port Harcourt.


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