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University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu

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The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Ituku/Ozalla Enugu, has come a long way. 
The Hospital began early in the 20th century as a standard general Hospital for Africans built by the colonial administrators.  It later metamorphosed into a general hospital on the attainment of Nigeria’s independence in the 1960’s.
However, at the end of the Nigerian civil war in 1970, the then government of East Central State transformed it into a Specialist Hospital with effect from July 1, 1970.
At this time, the hospital had a total of 50 doctors, 10 wards, and 300 beds and a chest bay of 60 beds.  There are also 350 nurses working in the Hospital.  Today, the situation has changed dramatically.  The bed capacity of the hospital in the permanent site is over 500 beds and the number of its personnel (both professional and non – professional) has increased tremendously. 
By decree number 23 of 1974, the Federal Military Government took over the hospital, but left the management in the hands of the Council of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital became in dependent in July 1976 with the appointment of autonomous Management Board.

UNTH Hospital View


The physical constraints at the old site of the hospital made it impossible for needed expansion to be implemented.  It was also appreciated that the old site was developed and used as a general hospital, and therefore, could no longer cope with the challenges of a Teaching Hospital.
Consequently, the approval of the then Federal Military Government for the construction of a new complex for the Teaching Hospital was sought and it came as a welcome relief. 
Today, this new site, which is the permanent Site of the UNTH at Ituku/Ozalla, is permanent and fully functional.  It is located 21 kilometers from Enugu Capital City along Enugu – Port Harcourt Express Way.
All services hitherto rendered at the old site have now been moved into the permanent site with effect from 8th January 2007.
The Hospital site covers an area of about 200 acres while the entire parcel of land i9s about 306 hectares (747 acres).   There is now a room for expansion and this is hoped to assist in solving the accommodation needs of the Hospital once and for all.
The new hospital complex is also better equipped under the Federal Government assisted  VAMED Engineering Equipment Programme which has elevated it and some other Teaching Hospitals in the country to  an international standard.
The UNTH Ituku/Ozalla has broad objectives of service, teaching and research.   The hospital tries to achieve these through provision of in – patient and out – patient services to it’s clients through her highly trained staff, provision of adequate clinical materials for service and training as well as equipment for research, provision of teaching facilities for training her students and other persons in the health delivery team and conduct and promotion of research on all matters pertaining to health.
Altogether, there are 41 main departments in the hospital with three out – posts – Comprehensive Health Centers at Obukpa near Nsukka, Enugu State, Abagana in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State and Isuochi in Abia State. 
There are nine training schools/programmes in the hospital viz:  the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Medical Laboratory Science, Nurse Anesthetists, Community Health and Post Ophthalmic Nursing.  Others are Peri – Operative Nursing, Cardiothoracic Nursing and Medical Records. 
These schools currently operate at the old site but plans are already on the ground to provide structures for them in the New Site as soon as possible.
It is also worthy to mention that Community services rendered by University of Nigeria  Teaching Hospital extend to various states in the country particularly those in the South – East Geo – political zones.



Pre-Independence Era
standard hospital for Africans 
1960 – 1970:
General Hospital and later upgraded to specialist hospital by the government of East Central State.
1971 – 1980:
February 1, 1974
The first ever successful open heart surgery in black Africa. Since then, open heart surgery had become a routine in the hospital and UNTH is now recognised as a centre of excellence for cardiothoracic medicine.
August 23, 1975
A total hip transplant was successfully carried out in UNTH. 
1981 TO 1990
The hospital was made a centre of excellence in cardiothoracic surgery by the Federal Military Government.
August 19, 1987
The first surviving quintuplets by Nigerian Parents were delivered in the hospital
January 8, 1988
A set of pygopus Siamese twins were successfully separated, those are the first known pygopagus Siamese to survive in Africa.

The UNTH introduced and still runs a successful staff welfare scheme which has impacted tremendiously on the lives of staff of the hospital especially in the areas of mortgage, car loans, personal loans etc. Other teaching hospitals come to understudy this scheme for possible implementation in their hospitals

1991 to 2000:
The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital was also designated the World Health Organisation Centre for Innovation in Medical Education.

2001 to 2010
The hospital was among the 8 teaching hospitals that was equipped by the Obasanjo Administration through the Federal Government VAMED Assited Engineering Programme. This upliftment has helped to make the hospital a 5 star hospital.
The hospital has currently built a radiotherapy complex fot the management and treatment of cancer and related diseases. This complex is expected to take off very soon.
The hospital is a centre for Bio – Medical Engineering for training of appropriate Cadres of medical staff on optimal functionality and maintenance of equipment.
UNTH in conjunction with smile train runs a free cleft surgery clinic.

2001 to 2010-10-27 
UNTH recently commissioned an oxygen generating system which is capable of producing 60 ( sixty ) cylinders of oxygen a day by means of an air separating process called pressure swing absorption.
Movement to Ituku/Ozalla started on 8th January 2007 but the hospital was officially commissioned in April 2007 by the then president and Commander-In-Chief of Armed Forces, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

In 2008
UNTH started her pain and palliative care clinic. This clinic ensures the actualisation of the internationally recognised right to pain free life.
Laparascopic surgery also started in UNTH in May 5, 2009.
The UNTH was in 2009 designated along with 5 other teaching hospitals as a centre for stem cell transplantation in Nigeria.

The Hospital is the first hospital in this country to source its own water through the development of water hydrant. This facility produces seven hundred cubic litres of water per day for now. It is envisaged to produce one thousand and fifty cubic litres of water in future. Meanwhile, the water hydriant has solved the water problems of the hospital. This project had been variously commended by the members of the House of Representatives and the Honourable Minister of Health Dr. Onyebuchi Chukwu during their visits to the hospital recently.

The hospital has completed the networking of all its service areas and very soon ICT training of all staff which is currently on-going  will be equally completed. The implementation of the computerization and networking will make services faster and better
UNTH has also installed a broad band internet equipment. This is distributed wirelessly to all corners of the hospital. Consequently, UNTH workers will have access to the internet from all corners of the hospital. With this development, links can now be established with other institutions, groups and individuals world wide with ease.

Following above, the hospital is constructing comprehensive website as a link to the world.
As a result of the computer networking and internet facilities, UNTH has instituted a massive ICT training for all cadre of workers in the hospital. The training is still on-going and will soon be completed.

Th hospital runs very effective virology clinics / laboratories which handle HIV /AIDS and other related ailments. The activities of virology clinics / laboratories has equally been enhanced by the support of PEFAR

The UNTH Micro Nutrient Laboratory is well developed and conducts micro nutrient assesement of patients with thyroid and zinc problems. The laboratory is headed by an experienced nuclear physicist and has a full compliment of other professional staff.

The UNTH Oncology Centre is multidisciplinary in nature and effectively caters to the needs of cancer / other patients. Affiliated to it also is the pain and palliative care unit whose scope of services covers in and out patients of oncology and patients from other medical and surgical sub-specialities.

The neurosurgical unit of UNTH is firmly established with well trained neurologist running the unit. Consequently, neurosurgeries and associated cases are handled with care in the hospital.

The UNTH Radiotherapy Centre is almost ready to take off. The centre would have taken off a long  time ago but for the vandalization of some of the vital facilities in the centre. These vandalised parts and others are expected to be installed shortly and UNTH will have one of the best Radiotherapy Centres in the Country. The Centre will boost cancer treatment in the hospital.

Similarly, to improve efficiency, accountability and prudential management of our resources, UNTH has also mounted intensive traning programmes for its staff on financial regulations, public service rules and superior service delivery.
Apart from the above major achievements, the hospital is noted for service, teaching and research.

These are among other achievements of the hospital which are too numerous to mention in this submission.



Address The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospiatal, Ituku-Ozalla Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria

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