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Truth & Light Bible School, Lagos, Nigeria

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Welcome To: Truth and Light Bible School.

Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have the honour of introducing Truth & Light Bible School to you. Truth & Light Bible School has the concept to be a place where individual could freely seek theological knowledge and become a trained vessel in the vineyard. The School was established by the grace of God in August 2006, and graduated her first set of students in January 2007.

Truth and Light Bible School is purely a School of Theology established by the leading of the Holy Spirit for the training of Christian leaders to become vessels of honour and sharpened for the work of the Lord in His vineyard. Truth and Light Bible School is interdenominational Bible School.

All Church members, Christians, irrespective of origin, sex and status, are eligible for admission provided they meets the required academics and spiritual qualification for admission set by the Board of faculty and education. The institution is Government approved and is affiliated to School of the Spirit Bible Training Center in Lima, Ohio, USA. Truth and Light Bible School is committed to equip, train, ordain and license individual who adequately respond to the call of God upon their lives by the Lord. We are committed to make the truth clear, because knowledge gives deliverance (Prov 11:9). 
Our certificates range from Diploma in Theology, Licentiate of Theology, Christian Theological Associates, Christian Theological Fellowship i.e. Diploma in Theology to Doctoral of Theology and Fellowship Level.

We are proud to declare that we are running with the Commission To Sharpen Vessels of Honour for the end time harvest of the Lord. In the last four years we have graduated students at various levels of theological studies. We also have the privilege to grant Honorary Doctorate to some very special and distinguished personalities in our society; people who have made impact in the society, ministry and business world. Truth and Light Bible School is place where leaders are trained and prepared for the work of the Lord. We have no authority to call people to ministry but commissioned to trained leaders to become vessel of honour. Our academic session runs from January to December yearly for all levels of theological studies.


1. To encourage and promote Christian Theological Education as a way of training professional Christian teachers, preachers, and leaders to meet the growing need for trained leaders, teachers, and men and women in our churches and in the institution of learning.

2. To offer graduate training of intensive nature designed to train leadership who in turn will train others.

3. To help those with proven called of God to be trained and prepared for the ministry committed to them.

4. To prepare Christians for higher challenges in the ministerial works.

5. To remove all barriers that prohibits one from having access to righteous educational training. Our training courses and programme satisfy the level of excellence required for a workman to rightly divide the Word.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT IS: “Commissioned To Sharpen Vessels Of Honour”

“If the axe is dull, one does not sharpen the edge then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success” Ecc 10:10

TRUTH AND LIGHT BIBLE SCHOOL degree and certificate programs are accredited in partnership with U.S.-based School of the Spirit Bible Training Center, Ohio U.S.A under the Apostle Dr. Sharon E. Jefferson. PhD.

Our resource persons are equipped and well tested professional in the and fully equipped with the standard material to teach and minister to all participants.

Truth & Light Bible School is purely a School of Theology, an interdenominational Training Institute, all church members, all persons who are born-again, regardless of race, ethnic origin, sex, or status etc are eligible for admission provided that person meets the required academic and spiritual qualifications.

Testimonies .

1.        DELIVERANCE FROM IGNORANCE: Before I registered in the Truth and Light Bible School I was wallowing in ignorance. But today I can proudly say that from what I’ve leant that I am heaven bound. I thank the Rector and lecturers for changing my life otherwise I could have ended up my life in hell fire due to ignorance of the truth of the gospel. It is my opinion that believers all must first attend Bible School like this before being ordained into and ministerial office.            Bernard Anyanwu.

2.        NOW I AM A THEOLOGIAN: I am indebted to God for His mercy and leading into Truth and Light Bible School. It is an experience worthy that has changed my life. I have contacted the Light of the gospel truth.                       Michael Igweli

3.        SPIRITUAL CHANGE & PROMOTION: I came to this Bible School with nothing but today I can boast of so many things in me spiritually. I thank the Rector for his encouragement. I have now being promoted as assistant pastor of MFM church branch. The studies have change by life spiritual and ministries confident, even in my dressing. Martins Ebochuo

4.        SPIRITUAL BOLDNESS: My entrance into Truth & Light Bible School is divine. I have learned so many spiritual truths. My prayer life, praise, worships and ministration has changed. The period of studies has repackaged my life completely. Blessing Onya.

5.        DIVINE SIGHT: It was only in this school I had an insight to what the Lord has told me many years ago. The Lord said “the depth of your foundation will determine the height you can go in me”. For I thought I know, now I have discovered that I know nothing. Thanks to the establishment of Truth and Light Bible School. It is indeed by the leading of the Holy Spirit. I now beheld my fault, limitation and shallowness of my foundation.            Lekan Daniels

6.        SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Truth and Light Bible School is a miracle for Christians in Olodi Apapa. The Coming of the school has added a great value to my spiritual growth. Now I know the truth. I thank the Lord for the life of the Rector and other lecturers for being vessel in the hand for the Lord to sharpen us.                       Gabriel Onyeisi. 

7.        I AM SHARPENED: Thank God for studies in Truth and Light Bible School. It has being challenging, turf, encouraging, interesting and expository. I have discovered awesome insight during studies than all my Christian way. My study and prayer life has been greatly sharpened and understanding greatly improved.                       Emman Praise. E

8.        DYNAMIC CHANGE: Thanks to the Lord. Indeed God has used Truth and Light Bible School to cause dynamic change in my Life as a person and my ministry. Dr Williams indeed is Gamaliel of our time and am glad to be among the last days Pauls. Chris Akpoebi Akowe i- Unknown Prophet

9.        EXPOSITORY KNOWLEDGE: I’ve acquired expository understanding of the Bible since coming to truth and Light Bible School. I have really been transformed by the deep insight from the teachings the Rector - Dr. Williams Ovuoduo and the other lecturers.                       Emelogu Kate.

10.       A GREAT CHALLENGE: The courses are very challenging both academically and spiritually. Thank God for the grace to overcome. The classroom teachings and interactions are better experienced than told. Those who passed through can testify of this. More grace and anointing the Rector and the all other lecturers.                       Esther Ovuoduo.

11.       EXPOSE TO KNOWLEDGE: Thanks be to God, Who by His Grace convinced me about the school – (Truth & Light Bible School) which today by that same grace I have been more expose to the knowledge and truth of God’s Word and now I have understand God’s nature & deeds through the wisdom He gave the Rector and other lecturers to become a vessels of honour. To God be the Glory – Amen.                                  Chinwe Okanumu


Christ Resurrection Ministry 
133, Ipaja Agege Road, 

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Address 3, Odofin Street, Olodi Apapa, Lagos. Nigeria


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