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Supreme Education Foundation Schools - Lagos

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Welcome to Supreme Education Foundation Schools! I am often asked what makes SEF distinctive. I always respond that SEF is the best because of the caring atmosphere where honesty, tolerance, and good manners are valued and the ethos is based on mutual respect and consideration for others. The children observe a high standard or social behaviour at all times.
Our approach to learning is entirely student focused, that is, we understand that each child has unique talents and passions that need nurturing and support. The class teacher, who knows each child is responsible for the care of the children in his or her class. In addition to SEF's commitment to academic excellence, the school is devoted to encourage students to recognize the importance of Integrity, Diligence, Fear of God, Teamwork, Commitment, Civility, Public Services, and Respect for others.
If you are looking for a stimulating educational experience and a school that encourages its students to develop their interests both inside and outside of the classroom, SEF is the perfect place for you. I look foward to meeting you personally and thank you for your interest in SEF.
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While many parents know that the best investment in life is their children, few understand that the good investment is a form of insurance for a good life in the future. It is the best gift we can bestow on them as they grow. Somehow, it takes wise parents to know the 'Supreme Gift'. And such a gift can be found at Supreme Education Foundation Schools.
Situated on about 4 hectares of land in the heart of Magodo GRA, Lagos, Nigeria, Supreme Education Foundation Schools is the one of the most complete schools in this part of Nigeria. Founded in 1991, the High School is a co-educational institution. In October 2003, Supreme Heritage (now SEF Junior School) was founded to form the necessary foundation and support for the High School. Boarding facilities for young children from age two years are available. Our boarding facilities are the home away from home. We ensure the children experience the best care and attention.
The school is well-equipped with modern facilities to aid study. These are effectively utilized to harness talents and skills in the students with a view to developing a solid foundation for a future career. these facilities include a modern library equipped with books, electronic books, and a wide range of encyclopedia, periodicals, and newspapers. Computer laboratories are equipped with internet access facilities and a library of softwares to enhance the students' technological advancement. Science laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Agricultural Science, and Integrated Science are available,
Our aim is to present a caring atmosphere where honesty, tolerance, and good manners are valued. Our ethos are based on mutual respect and consideration for others. The students are expected to observe a high standard of social behavior at all times. The class teacher, who knows each child, is responsible for the care of the children in his or her class.




Junior School Nursery Section
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SEF Schools is a dynamic school that does not only deal with academics, but a place that ensures that the child turns out a TOTAL child who can adapt any where they find themselves.
The Nursery section is a part of the Junior School and a unique place to be. It is subdivided into:
The Crèche (between the ages of 3 month to 1 year).
Preschool (between the ages of 1 year to 2 years).
Nursery one (between the ages of 2-3 years).
Nursery two (between the ages of 3-4 years).
Reception ( between the ages of 4-5 years).
Our Curriculum includes the following:
Montessori methods of learning, British, American and our Nigerian curriculums all merged together to help us bring up a total child that can complete favorably anywhere with his peers.
We teach the children using Montessori materials, practical exercises in Numeracy etc; Outdoor learning which we discover enhances learning. Our teaching methods / learning activities are interactive.
The teachers are qualified and go through series of training to enhance their performance and the children’s development.
Our section has playgrounds, Reading sections, and interactive boards, class libraries, audio-visual aids, CD rooms, V-tech, one to one computer for ICT development.
Below is the list of Nursery section subjects:
Numeracy   |      Practical Life Exercises   |    Citizenship
Literacy        |             Sensorial skills          |    Life orientation
Geography  |            Handwriting                 |    History
ICT                |            Creative activities        |     Frenc


Supreme Junior School
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I'm glad to see that you've taken time to know more about our wonderful school. We have made huge improvements in every sphere of our learning facilities to fulfill the new SEF vision. Admission into the Junior School is offered to children aged three (3) months to eleven (10) years. We run a Creche (3 months - 1 Year), Preschool (1 Year - 2 Years), Nursery One (2 Years - 3 Years), Nursery Two (3 Years - 4 Years), Reception (4 Years - 5 Years) and Primary (Elementary) School (5 Years - 10 Years). The upgraded infrastructure, curriculum, teaching staff, teaching methodology, technology, learning environments all come at a great cost but these measures will pay off in the long run.
 To find out more on the Junior School classroom environment, click here.
The students learn values and morals through various co-curricular activities which include clubs. We raise funds annually for Charity as part of our 'social responsibility project'. We promote positive attitudes to learning and by so doing, build on the foundation for future learning. All 'in the name' of developing the academic, cultural, and physical aspects of each child, an 'extra' personal effort is put into preparing them for the demands of the society.
 To find out about tution & fees associated with the Junior School, click here.
It is the aim of the teachers of the Junior School and myself to provide a positive, calm working atmosphere at school by working hand in hand with parents and their wards.


Supreme High SchoolHIGH SCHOOL
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The Supreme Education Foundation High School is a combination of a Junior and Senior Arms. The Junior Arm of the High School comprises of three (3) classes- Years 7 to 9 while the Senior Arm comprises of three (3) classes- Years 10 to 12. Combined, both schools are made of students within the age brackets of  9 - 17.
The Junior Arm
SEF’s Junior Arm of the High School constitutes majorly of students between the ages of 10 and 15. It serves as a preparatory stage for students to attaining their future educational and career goals. They are provided with a range of subjects spanned over different fields in the Vocational, Science, Commercial, and Arts departments. Each subject in each field may be taught by a different teacher, in order to give the students ‘a feel’ of a higher education environment.
The curriculum which is based on British & Nigerian standards, takes 3 years to complete. The Year’s 7 and 8 classes are the beginning of this curriculum. They are required to take a total of 16 subjects. These subjects include Mathematics and English plus 14 other subjects. Classes in these subjects allow students to gain a basic understanding of different career fields and their requirements, thus giving them the opportunity to determine what fields they are interested in. The Year 9 class which ends the Junior Arm curriculum grants students the opportunity to select subjects from a number of electives. Students are guided by their respective teachers in the selection process to ensure that students select subjects that in reference to their academic strengths. The Year 9 curriculum has been reviewed and designed to prepare students for Local Nigerian Examinations and External British Tests.
 To get  more information on external Junior examinations, click here.
The Senior School Section
The Senior section of the High School  has an academic programme designed around the American, British, and Nigerian syllabi. At this level, students choose their desired line of study from a grouped set of subject areas. This happens after each student has completed a few University Counselling sessions with the school's guidance counsellor. Students then have a better foundation when choosing their preferred subject areas. They may choose the Commercial subject area which prepares them for business related University courses, the Arts subject area which prepares a student for related University courses such as Law, or the Science subject area which prepares a student for science and engineering related University courses. Each student is adequately supported by the respective teachers of the subject contained in their chosen subject area of study.
The Senior students are exposed to a number of examinations in their final year, i.e IGCSE & WASSCE; and competitions that help build their confidence and academic excellence. In addition, they are encouraged to attend some Local and Foreign Leadership programmes registered for by the school in order provide them the needed skills in their development.
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Address 23, Emmanuel Keshi ROad, Magodo GRA, Lagos, Nigeria


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