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supreme education foundation schools lagos

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While many parents know that the best investment in life is their children, few understand that the good investment is a form of insurance for a good life in the future. It is the best gift we can bestow on them as they grow. Somehow, it takes wise parents to know the 'Supreme Gift'. And such a gift can be found at Supreme Education Foundation Schools.

The school is well-equipped with modern facilities to aid study. These are effectively utilized to harness talents and skills in the students with a view to developing a solid foundation for a future career. these facilities include a modern library equipped with books, electronic books, and a wide range of encyclopedia, periodicals, and newspapers. Computer laboratories are equipped with internet access facilities and a library of softwares to enhance the students' technological advancement. Science laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Agricultural Science, and Integrated Science are available,

Our aim is to present a caring atmosphere where honesty, tolerance, and good manners are valued. Our ethos are based on mutual respect and consideration for others. The students are expected to observe a high standard of social behavior at all times. The class teacher, who knows each child, is responsible for the care of the children in his or her class.


Welcome to Supreme Education Foundation Schools! I am often asked what makes SEF distinctive. I always respond that SEF is the best because of the caring atmosphere where honesty, tolerance, and good manners are valued and the ethos is based on mutual respect and consideration for others. The children observe a high standard or social behaviour at all times.

Our approach to learning is entirely student focused, that is, we understand that each child has unique talents and passions that need nurturing and support. The class teacher, who knows each child is responsible for the care of the children in his or her class. In addition to SEF's commitment to academic excellence, the school is devoted to encourage students to recognize the importance of Integrity, Diligence, Fear of God, Teamwork, Commitment, Civility, Public Services, and Respect for others.

If you are looking for a stimulating educational experience and a school that encourages its students to develop their interests both inside and outside of the classroom, SEF is the perfect place for you. I look foward to meeting you personally and thank you for your interest in SEF.

Applying to Supreme Education Foundation Schools has been made easy! In just 6 easy steps, you can be on your way to becoming a SEF student. In order to assist you, we split the application process into six (6) main stages and have outlined what each of these steps entail.

Start your journey to success by making an inquiry through our online inquiry form Filling this will provide us with needed information required to assist you in your application. A reply from the admissions department will be sent to your email address within twenty-four (24) hours from the time the form is sent.









Helen Doron – Math/English

CHEF (cookery)

Scrap Palace














Red Cross
  Art & Craft
  Press / Reading Club
  Club Scout
  Creative Hands
  Home Makers



We value the diverse backgrounds of every one of students. We fully understand that promoting diversity at the educational stage will go a long way in eliminating the usage and actualization of words such as ‘prejudice’, and ‘racial superiority’. We know that accepting diversity is not only left for students but for teachers too. Every member of SEF is bound by a strict Anti-discrimination pledge. No student is admitted into SEF based on race, tribe, or culture.

The promotion of diversity within SEF benefits each and every student. By accepting diversity, students are able to learn more about different cultures and are able to fully understand it since they are surrounded by classmates of diverse cultural backgrounds.

The school community of Supreme Education Foundation Schools is rich in warmth and respect for all its members. We look forward to a time when discrimination will become only a vague history topic. It order to set paths for students to follow, we hold an annual 'Cultural Day' where parents, students, and teachers from different local cultures come together and display their diverse backgrounds in the form of food, clothing, dances, speeches, and more. 

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