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Orthofit Orthopaedics, Nigeria

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Having looked at the need in the Orthopaedics industry in Nigeria, and also the limitations in the services offered by major orthopaedic / rehabilitation centres. This organization was established nearly a decade ago to engage in the areas of deficiency in rehabilitation Services being offered by these centres.

  In other words - our aim is not to enter into business drive and competition with already existing institutions but to render a unique service not available in most centres in Nigeria.

  Obviously the need in the orthopaedic and rehabilitation industry in nigeria is so vast with her 150 million population: such that a hand full of centres cannot handle. In addition to these, most centres do not offer a wide variety of choices to patients, such as modern technologies in the prosthetic and orthotic industry.

  It is the vision of this organization that all classes of individuals and clients will have their need met not minding their financial status. It is also expected that the result of the physical and clinical assessment carried out on them will predispose the class and nature of orthpaedic appliances to be fitted-.

In view of this, our strong partnership with Otto Bock GmBH has made it possible for all our clients / patients who would go for a high profile technology to have their need met with quality and world class appliances . Subsequently, our indigenous engineers in the research and production unit have evolved an appropriate technology to service the need of patients who may not be able to afford a high class technology fitting or travel abroad for fittings..

This institution is made up of about 7 member board of directors drawn from the Health, legal and financial sectors.

Services We Offer

Rehabilitation of the physically challenged
Mediation with foreign partners
Procurement of foreign/local prosthetic and orthotic components
This organization recognizes the fact some individuals / patients may not readily cope with the logistics demands of traveling outside the country for the fitting of the desired prosthesis or artificial limbs: To bridge this gap- we have OTTO BOCK trained personnel who can assemble and fit foreign Otto Bock component parts and fit them localy,in line with best practices and functional prosthetic technology. We ensure in the case of OTTO BOCK components that's the same standard of quality for life for which OTTO BOCK is known for is not undermined bearing in mind the need for patient satisfaction while within the borders of Nigeria.
Repairs and servicing of designated prosthetic and orthotic appliances
Due to the need for constant follow-up and regular patient education; this organization offers opportunities to patients who travel to designated centres outside the country such as Otto Bock GMBH. On their return to Nigeria we oblige the patients some more useful and technical guidance in the use of the appliance. In view of the fact that their fitting in Germany last only a few weeks, we ensure that the patient is readily assisted in adapting their new life style to the African environment.

Phone +234 803 2141224 ,+234 8032685143(Nigeria) +15803401114 (USA)
Address kilometer 2, Enugu- Onitsha express, Trans Ekulu, Enugu

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