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Nigeria Law School Lagos

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The Nigerian Law School was set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1962. The aim of the institution was to provide for the local needs the then foreign trained lawyers and to provide the much needed practical training to those aspiring to become Legal Practitioners in Nigeria .

The Lagos Campus was set up and was later to moved to its current location in 1969. The headquarters was then relocated to Abuja in 1997. The Institution has graduated over 70,000 students, a lot of whom are now successful Lawyers, Judges and Citizens.



Ultra Modern Medical Facility on Campus manned by qualified Medical Personnel and adequately equipped with the most appropriate and modern facilities.


An on Campus Hostel Accomodation that caters for over 1000 students with provisions for both female and male occupants with Food Canteen Services, Provision Shops, Reading Areas, Beddings, Water, Electricity and 24 Hour Security


The Students and Lecturers have access to a library facility equipped with sufficient Textbooks, Law Reports and Journals that will be very useful for their Law School Experience. The Computerization of the library to make it more user friendly and to have provision for Electronic Resources is at the advanced stage.


The School has an on Campus Bookshop for Texts, Stationeries, Journals and Resources


A High Speed Campus Wide Wireless Internet Network with the capacity to cater for about 500 users at a time is being put in place to enable students efficiently use the eLearning Facility that has been put in place by the Campus


There is an on Campus Church and Mosque for the spiritual needs of all the students


A standard organised park with the capacity to park over 500 cars is in place to raise the needs of both students and teachers to park during lectures. The Car park has competent security personnel on ground although parking is at owners discretion.



This course deals with how the burden of proof isalways on the state. The state must prove that the defendant is guilty. The defendant is <i>assumed</i> to be innocent; the defendant needs to prove nothing. (There are exceptions. If the defendant wishes to claim that he/she is insane, and therefore not guilty, the defendant bears the burden of proving his/her insanity. Other exceptions include defendants who claim self-defense or duress.)Introduction, Arrests & Searches, Pre-trial Investigations & Police Interviews, Institution of Criminal Proceedings, Presence of the accused, complaint and witnesses, Bail, Charges, Constitutional Safeguards to ensire fair trial, duties of counsel and the court, Trials and presentation of evidence and advocacy, Concluding Addresses, Judgements and Sentence, Appeals, Knowledge.


Introduction, Prelim matters before commencing civil action, Courts with civil jurisdiction, Interlocutry of Applications, Third Party Proceedings, Interpleader Proceedings, Injunctions, Mareva Injunction, Anton Piller Injunction, Pre-trial Issues, Evidences, Preparing for trial, the course of trial, Trial Advocacy, Judgement, Enforcement, Appeals, Election Petition, Matrimonal, Sharia...Civil Litigation is one of our body of adjectival laws. Its focus is to provide orderly and possibly expeditious methods for citizens to assert and defend their claims in court. Its litigation lies in the fact that no matter how good a case appears to be, if it is not canvassed before the court according to the rules laid down by law, it is voided.


Laws to property transactions, Essentials of power of attorney, Essentials of a Deed, Registration of titles, Assent Outcomes, Rent in Leases, Transfer of Lease, Mortgage, Sale, Contracts, Titles, Conveyance, Billing, Wills- Taking, Instructions and drafting of wills, Letters of Administration, Administration and Winding up of Estates.This course deals with the property law and the process of handling processes where property is categorized into movable and non movable (land, buildings) properties. This deals with transfer or ownership and right of ownership.


Choice of Business and Non-Business Organization & Formations, Foreign Participation, Promotion of Companies, Pre-Incorporation Contracts, Matters before commencent of Business Alteration of Memo & Articles of Companies, Incoporated Trustees, Registration of Companies, Corporate Governance & Administration, Securities, Restructuring, Winding Up, Dissolutions, Proceedings, Investments.This course deals with the reforms and the structure of Law in Companies, current company statute, the Companies and Allied Matters Act. Cap. C20 LFN 2004 based on a draft Decree prepared by the Nigerian Law Reform Commission.


History of the Legal Profession & Regulation, Relationship with and Duty of Councel to colleagues, Appointment and Discipline of Judicial Officers, Qualification, Discipline & Procedure of Removal, Contempt of Court, Rights of Legal Practitioners, Duty of Counsel, Controlling Bodies in the Legal Profession, Instigation Litigation, Soliciting, Dinner Etiquette, Advertising, Attracting Business..Students are expected to keep 3 dining terms, culminating in their Call to the Nigerian Bar. During these dinners, students are expected to also observe a modicum of decent behaviour, decorum, table manners and protocol. Because of the benefits derivable therefrom, dinners are compulsory and an integral part of training for the Bar. The rules are strict and liability may result in permanent disqualification from the bar. The Benchers file in, in a procession before Dinner commences. while every student stands. After the Benchers entry. no other person is allowed to or should enter the hall. It is a strict liability rule and will be visited with severe penalties if breached.

Management Staff


Dr. Tahir Mamman, LL.B (Hons.) ABU, LL.M and Ph.D (Warwick). Barrister-At-Law

He is the head of all academic staff. He Authored the book, The law and Politics of Constitution Making in Nigeria 1900-1989. Also editor-in-chief of the Council 40th Anniversary publication. His area of interest is constitutional law. A former Ag. Dean of law and Dean of Student Affairs, University of Maiduguri


Mr. Olanrewaju Onadeko, LL.B (Hons), LL.M (London) Barrister-At-Law

He was a former Secretary to the Council of Legal Education and Director of Administration of the Institution. He teaches Criminal Procedure and Advocacy which are his specialty. He authored the book "The Nigerian Criminal Trial Procedure" and a number of articles in journals. He was also the first Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Nigerian law and Practice Journal (1997-2001). He served as the Director of Public Prosecutions of The Republic of Gambia (1989-1994)


Mrs Adetoun Adebiyi, LL.B (Hons), LL.M (London), Barrister-At-law

She teaches Company Law and Practice, Legal Drafting and Conveyancing, Criminal Procedure which are her areas of specialization.


Mrs. V Sonariwo, LL.B (UNIJOS), Barrister-At-Law












Address The Nigerian Law School Ozumba Mbadiwe Street Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria


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