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National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu

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Medical Care

Radiological Services
Seven (7) Trained Professionals, including a Radiologist. One (1) functional x-ray machine bought in the 70s. Old and breaks down often. Spare parts are unavailable. It has already over-spent its economic life. Efforts are on to acquire a new x-ray machine before the end of the 2nd quarter of 2006.

Laboratory Services
The department has 15 Medical Laboratory technologists and could offer all the laboratory services but they are hamstrung by obsolete and dilapidated equipments. The management has finalized arrangements to install modern laboratory equipments viz. auto analyzer etc by 2nd quarter 2006.

Prosthetic & Orthotic
The department has an ultra-modern Orthopaedic Workshop constructed and equipped under the aegis of foreign assistance. Through the linkage with International Committee of the Red Cross, the workshop manufactures prostheses with polypropylene, which is cheaper and more aesthetic than the resin type.  It is in fact the only workshop that offers such services in the entire West African sub-region. It is manned by four professional Prosthetists.

Albeit, offering rehabilitative services to patients and having five trained Physiotherapists, the department does not have the basic physiotherapy equipments. The equipments in the department are obsolete and cannot be reactivated because of non-availability of spare parts. The Management Board and the Hospital Management has launched a Partner for Life Project to, among other things, invite philanthropists to assist in reviving the Physiotherapy department.

Mortuary Services
The hospital offers dry embalmment services on 24 hour basis.



The then East Central State government of Nigeria led by Mr. Ukpabi Asika, as Administrator (Chief Executive), at the end of Nigerian Civil war (1967 – 70), established a hospital for maimed war victims. This hospital was to offer services in Orthopaedic, Plastic and Ophthalmic Surgery.

THE FOUNDATION PLAQUE of the hospital was unveiled on 21st January 1972, by Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia after whom it was named, for his mediating role in the Nigerian Civil War. The then Nigerian Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon accompanied him to Enugu for the ceremony. The Eastern Nigeria Governors’ lodge was converted to The Haile Selassie I Institute for Orthopaedic, Plastic and Ophthalmic Surgery which is today referred to as National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu.

The hospital was opened to the public with the first intake of patients on 17th January 1975. The formal opening by Mrs. Victoria Gowon took place on 4th April 1975. 
The Haile Selassie I Institute was re-named State Orthopaedic Hospital in July 1975, by Col. Anthony Ochefu, the then Military Governor of East Central State. The Ophthalmic surgery part of the hospital was shelved then.
There was a Federal take-over of the hospital in 1976, retrospective from 1st October 1975, during which the two sister hospitals in Dalla-Kano and Igbobi – Lagos were also included. The three hospitals acquired the uniformity of name – National Orthopaedic Hospital about 1977 and subsequently came under the control of the Orthopaedic Hospitals Management Board.


To be a state-of-art hospital with highly trained and motivated manpower where orthopeadics accident and emergency care, burns, plastic surgery, and medical rehabilitation are offered to a level comparable to similar hospitals in any part of the world, and to improve the quality of life of Nigerians.



To provide the highest standard of quality service, training and research, in orthopaedics, accident and emergency care, burns, plastic surgery and rehabilitative care.



Phone +234 042-558244
Address Abakaliki- Express way, Abakpa, Enugu

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