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Muslims Attend Church Service in Kano

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Image: The Reverend Father of Our Lady Of Fatima Cathedral Church, Sabon Gari Welcoming His Guests.




In a further move to show that the ongoing Boko Haram onslaught in some parts of the north is not part of a wider Muslim conspiracy, some Muslim groups in Kano attended Sunday church service with Christians.


During the service, both religions called on Nigerians to shun ethno-religious violence.


It will be recalled last Friday that Muslims were allowed to hold their Jumaat Service at the Gani Fawehinmi Park, Ojoto, which has become the main protest ground of those against the withdrawal of fuel subsidy in Lagos. 


Here are details of the Kano Visit Courtesy of a site user.



Kano state solidarity visit to churches is officially on now!
Here we are at our 1st church, Our Lady Of Fatima Cathedral Church, Sabon Gari! 

The Reverend of the church welcoming us

Inside the church in kano state for our solidarity visit! 

The Christians Congregation inside the church in kano state! 

The chairman of Muslim concerned citizens quoting a verse in the Quran about Jesus and Mary

The Bishop of the church is now given his speech! 
The Bishop is thanking us for this initiative and saying that the christians in kano for some yrs now has enjoyed some relative peace in the state! And this will also ease all unnecessary tension! 

Inside the Lady Of Fatima Church for our peace solidarity visit! Kano state!

We have Just finished with d 1st Church, A Catholic Church in kano state! This is the unity we need

The CAN chairman in kano state wit the Bishop of The Church exchanging pleasantries as we leave!

A group picture at Our Lady of Fatimah Cathedral in kano state for our Solidarity visit!


mukina2 (f)
Our Convoy arriving at d Anglican Cathedral for our 2nd stop on this unprecedented visit by muslims

We r now inside the Anglican Cathedral for our 2nd stop to Churches in kano state

Address by the chairman of kano concerned citizens beside d CAN chairman kano state! 

Now d CAN chairman of kano state is addressing the Anglican Church

The Reverend Father of the Anglican Cathedral in kano state delivering his speech

Women at the Anglican Cathedral in Kano state! You can literally see the excitement on their faces
mukina2 (f)
Re: Nigerian Muslims Visit Churches In Kano Today In Show Of Solidarity!
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Arriving at the Holy Trinity Cathedral now!

Worshippers at the Holy Trinity Church in #kano state! Very humble audience! We thank you!


We r now at Cherabim and Saraphim Movement Church in Kano state or d continuation of our solidarity visits!

The Bishop of the church welcoming us in #kano state! 

Congregation at the Seraphim and Cherabim church in kano state!

CAN chairman in kano state addressing the church!

The chairman delivering his speech at Cherabim Church in kano state!

The last church, which happens to be The Kano State CAN Chairman's Church, Calvary Life Assemblies!


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