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4Tees Rentals & Ballons
Affordable Cars Limited
Aiyetoro Gbede Microfinance Bank Limited
Ajewole Microfinance Bank Limited
Amazing Grace Microfinance Bank Limited
Apeks Microfinance Bank LImited
Auto Aid Services Ltd, Lagos
Bakers' World Confectioneries
Blueseed Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited, Lagos
Brisk Methods
Cardinal Security Services
Cardinal Security Services Abuja
Cardinal Security Services Calabar
Cardinal Security Services Pot Harcourt
Carmate Services Limited, Lagos
Combined Benefits Microfinance Bank Limited
ComSoft Nig. LTD, Abuja
Decency Microfinance Bank Limited
E-motion Advertising Lagos
E-Motion Advertising was
Enterprise Transport and logistics Limited [ENTRALOG]
Everest Microfinance Bank Limited
Frontline Microfinance Bank Limited
Fufore Microfinance Bank Limited
Germaine Auto Centre, Lagos

Hamod Media Ltd.
Ichi Microfinance Bank Limited
Idumuje Microfinance Bank Limited
Inventmedia Ltd
Inventmedia Ltd Abuja
Inventmedia Ltd Benin
Inventmedia Ltd Enugu
Inventmedia Ltd Head office
Inventmedia Ltd Ibadan
Inventmedia Ltd Port Harcourt
Kings Guards Nigeria Limited, Abuja (Regional Office- North)
Kings Guards Nigeria Limited, Head Office, Lagos
Kings Guards Nigeria Limited, Ibadan Office
Kings Guards Nigeria Limited, Kaduna Office
Kings Guards Nigeria Limited, Kano Office
Kings Guards Nigeria Limited, Port- Harcourt (Regional Office- East)
Lanre Shittu Motors Nigeria Limited
LEATHERWORLD Furniture Abuja,
Mix and Bake Confectionary
Most Innovative Information Platform in Nigeria
Murphy Records
Nigerian Car Dealers
Nuel Auto Distributors Ltd (NAD)
Office R us.
Olasco Company Nigeria Limited, Asaba Operations
Olasco Company Nigeria Limited, Edo Operations
Olasco Company Nigeria Limited, Headquarters, Lagos
Olasco Company Nigeria Limited, Ibadan Operations

Olasco Company Nigeria Limited, Ibadan Operations
Platform, Abuja
Platform, Lagos
Pleasant Jay Events
Prime Auto Care Services
Pro-Vision Media Systems
Proton Security
Proton Security Ibadan
Proton Security Abuja
Proton Security Services Limited, Head Office, Lagos
Response & Strategic Marketing (Resmark) Limited, Lagos
RFPlus Nigeria ltd.
RMS office
Rocana Nigeria Limited, Enugu
Schwartz Kristoffel
Simba Motors, lagos
Supermaritime Nigeria Limited Lagos
Teclab Management Services Limited Lagos
Tequila Nigeria, Lagos
The Braman Solution
Toplink Technologies Nigeria Limited
Wallnet Business Services Limited, Enugu
Wetherheads Advertising Group

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Inventmedia Ltd Enugu
Marketing communication is integral to business survival, this impose on us a responsibility to provide a World-class services to our client at all time.Inventmedia Ltd is a complete, dynamic and adventurous Outdoor service Provider. Incorporated in 1992, it has become a leader in the industry within its short period of its coming into existence. We offer well-maintained choice outdoor sites that stand out all year round amongst other printing services. We have redefined outdoor advertising in Nigeria.Our diverse range of clients benefit from a cauldron of practical mixed ideas tailor-made to address specific needs.It is our culture to ensure that our concept harmonies with and support out client.

Rocana Nigeria Limited, Enugu
At Rocana Nigeria Limited, we have the state-of-the-art set of Printing Machines and a group of first class printing professionals who have an uncompromising knack for nothing short of the best.

E-Motion Advertising was
E-Motion Advertising was established in November 2005 as an inegrated marketing communications agency. We have advertising spaces on bridge panels, buses and taxis, lampposts, wall mounts and digital boards across the country. We operate the E-Motion digital outdoor advertising network in Nigeria.

Hamod Media Ltd.
HAMOD MEDIA LTD. provides the best indoor advertisement services in Nigeria. Established on fundamental business principles of good customer service by a true visionary, we have been fortunate to have been the first choice of our customers when it comes to the products and services that we provide.

Response & Strategic Marketing (Resmark) Limited, Lagos
Response & Strategic Marketing (Resmark) Limited is a market research agency in Nigeria managed by people with deep passion for market research profession whose primary interest is on what they can contribute to the industry and are both individually and collectively reputed for provision of quality, insightful, and actionable information for marketing decisions.

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