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Kampala Agro Allied

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We are an Agro Allied company with expertise in numerous fields of agriculture.
In existence since 2006, we are a foward thinking company that believes in pushing the boundaries to achieve the best results.

We provide consultancy to companies and individuals interested in venturing into the agricultural sector.


Kampala Agro Allied believes in raising its animals organically and under humane conditions.
We raise Pork meat without the use of additives and growth hormones. 
Our product range is as follows:
Weaners  -  15 kilos in weight and have an average price of N 3,750
Baconers -  Between 50 and 70 kilos in weight, sold at N 260 per kilo
Porkers   -  Over 70 kilos in weight, sold at N 270 per kilo
Boars      -  Male pigs ready for breeding. Sold at N 280 per kilo

On special request we can cross gilts or sows for sale as in-pigs.
These are sold at N 300 per kilo.



Jatropha is an oil based seed with 37% oil content. Its oil has a high level of glycerin which is used in making soaps and cosmetics. The oil is also used for lighting and cooking in modified stoves and lanterns. Finally it is also used as bio-diesel after the oil is transesterified. The cake left behind after extraction of the oil is compressed into brickettes, which are a slow burning and low emission fuel. Kampala Agro Allied has a 20,000 Jatropha tree plantation.

Our Jatropha products are:

Hybrid seeds  -  These seeds produce a first harvest in 10 months.
Seedlings        -  These are 6 week old trees ready for transplantation.
Crude             -  Oil extracted from the seed that can be turned into bio-diesel.
Brickettes       -  Cake left behind after extraction of oil thats compressed.
Animal feed    -  Detoxified cake which has a high protein value.
Fertiliser         -  Fermented cake which is equivalent to 25% of NPK



Kampala Agro Allied has Plantain plantations from which it produces 100% plantain flour. This flour is gluten free, low in sugar and has almost zero % fat.
It also has a carbohydrate content of 52%, which is ideal for individuals with high blood pressure or diabetes. We also provide the whole plantain fruits for sale.

We also grow Soya and palm Kernel, which are sold per tonne.

Prices are as follows:
Plantain Flour -  N 900 per kilo
Plantain Fruit  -  N 150 per kilo
Soybean - N 150 per kilo
Palm Kernels - N 100 per kilo.



Kampala Agro Allied provides consultancy and training for the following modules:

Module 1:  Jatropha cultivation and processing

Module 2:  Pig rearing

Module 3:  Poultry rearing

Module 4:  Soybean cultivation

Each module includes an instruction manual and set up assistance.

Address Kampala House, Erin Oke, Osun State, Nigeria


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