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Institute of Ecumenical Education

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The Institute of Ecumenical Education (IECE) is a private Institute of the Catholic Church, situated at Thinkers Corner, Enugu/Enugu State/Nigeria. Enugu, sharing the same name with its capital, is one of the 36 states of the country, located south-east of Nigeria. Although the southern part of the country is predominantly characterized by Christianity and Igbo culture, students from all over the country with different religious confession are welcome at the IEcE. The Institute of Ecumenical Education (IECE) was founded in June 1980 by Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Chinedu Anih. At the time Rev. Dr. M.U. Eneja was Bishop of the Enugu Diocese. The land on which the IECE is located today was purchased by Bishop Godfrey MaryPaul Okoye. The Daughters of Divine Love Congregation (DDL) had their Novitiate on this property and later moved to another site. Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Chinedu Anih, who was the founder of the IECE, was as well the first Provost of the Institute. He was followed by Rev. Fr. Dr. Christopher Ofordile, who took over in January 1998 as the second Provost until 2006. From 2006 to 2011, Rev. Prof. Dr. Anieke held the position. In June of 2011, Rev. Fr. Dr. Ignatius Emefoh was appointed the Provost of the Institute.


The main objective of the Institute is to produce ecumenically oriented teachers, qualified to teach courses in the area of religious and moral education in combination with any of the approved subjects up to the post-primary level of our educational system as approved for such teachers. Such teachers are expected to be all-round who have correct sense of ethicalness in terms of moral sensitivity, moral intelligence and moral courage. The Curriculum of this Institute strongly envisages that the final products of IECE shall be sufficiently mature to judge the moral import of socio-religious issues of everyday life and be able to evaluate the contents of different religious denominations. It is necessary to point out once and for all that the Institute of Ecumenical Education is a very special response to the groaning and yearnings of many men of goodwill in Nigeria who helplessly cry out for a healthy religious education that will destroy vice and produce men of virtue who would live as a family in charity. Such education will challenge and destroy the old man-made walls of denominational prejudice and rivalry. This is why most modern ecumenical techniques harmonize morality with youthful aspirations.


The Institute of Ecumenical Education belongs to the Enugu diocese. The current Bishop and visitor of the IECE is Very Rev. Msgr. C.V.C. Onaga. He is the 5th Bishop of Enugu and has been in office since May 2009. Very Rev. Msgr. C.V.C. Onaga is the successor of Bishop A. O. Gbuji who held the office from 1997-2009.



Hon. Justice Anthony Aniagolu (Rtd)

Rev. Prof. Dr. Christian Anieke


Dr. Charles Aniekweze

Hon. Barrister Anayo Justina Offiah (san)

Very Rev. Msgr. P.M. Muoh

Prof. Onyeghalu Anthony

Very Rev. Anijelo Anthony

Very Rev. Kanife E.

Barrister Echezona, J.O.N

Very Rev. C.C. Aaron

Prof. Akubuilo C.J.C

Dr. Gladys Chiekwe Aneke

Very Rev. Fr. Igboaja Ugonna

Barr. (mrs) B.N. Ugwu

Prof. Dr. Edwin Onyeneje



Rev. Prof. Dr. Christian Anieke is the current and 3rd Provost of the IECE. He is a native of Ezeagu in Enugu State/Nigeria who has been living, studying and working as well Nigeria as also in Europe for several years. In 2006 he took over the function as Provost of the IECE. Due to his effort a very positive development of the Institute can be noticed since he is in office.

Curriculum Vitae of the Provost




Rev. Prof. Dr. Christian Anieke - Provost

Mr. Patrick Ogbozor - special advisor of the Provost

Mrs. Bernadette Menkiti - Dean of studies

Dr. Casmir N. Ebouh - Dean of students affairs in charge of male

Barrister Mrs. Bernadette Nkechi Ugwu - Registrar

Rev. Sr. Claret Okoye

Mr. Netchy Mbaeze - Coordinator of sandwich students

Mr. Alex Obgonnia - speaker

Mrs. Patricia Allision



The Registrar is the head of administration of the IECE. Bishop C.V.C. Onaga was the first Registrar of the IECE, while the current registrar is Mrs. Bernadette Nkechi Ugwu.




The Registry Office is divided into three departments:

1) Admissions

2) Exams and records

3) Personal

In total about 25 people are working in the Registry Office. The Registrar is the Head of the Department and is responsible for its coordination. 




The Library is situated above the Clinic in the Nwaobodo Building. Twelve people work in this section of the Institute. Books can be borrowed and there are facilites inside the Library where students can read and work. One part of the Library is called Electronic Library where students can use computers with internet access for their research and it costs 100 Naira per hour. There is also a copy machine in the Electronic Library where 3 copies can be made for 10 Naira.






The Clinic is located in the Nwaobodo Building. It was established in 2002 and developed in 2006 when Rev. Prof. Dr. Anieke became Provost of the IEcE. A doctor, a nurse, a pharmacy technician as well as a register clerk are working there. The Clinic consists of three rooms, a waiting room, a consultation room and a room with six bedsides.



Since February 2009, a micro credit bank has been located at the IECE center. This has enabled students to pay their fees directly at the campus. The bank provides common credits and also micro credits for people who are already in business. However Foreign Bank Transfer as well as money exchange has not been possible so far. 




That students are able to gain practical knowledge besides theoretical input, different labs have been established at IEcE Campus.

Language Lab:There is a language lab since 2006. Language lectures are held there and students have the possibility to use different kind of learning programmes to improve their language skills. 

There are also laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.


/LAB 1.pngLAB 2.jpg








LAB 4.jpg LAB 3.jpg


There are six hostels belonging to the IEcE, four for female and two for male students. The male hostels are located at the campus of the IEcE and houses about 350 students. The hostels for female students are situated at different places in the surroundings and accommodate between 400 and 500 students.



bookshop 1.jpg


 bookshop 2.jpg










Address Institute of Ecumenical Education, Thinkers Corner,Enugu.

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