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Federal Ministry of Power

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The Federal Ministry of Power is the policy making arm of the Federal Government with the responsibility for the provision of power in the country. The Ministry in discharging this mandate is guided by the provisions of the National Electric Power Policy (NEPP) of 2001, the Electric Power Sector Reform (EPSR) Act of 2005, and the Roadmap for Power Sector Reform of August 2010.

The current challenges in the power sector of the Nigerian economy can be traced to the damage done to the sector in the years of neglect and under-investment. The injection of private sector funding has therefore, become imperative. We have made significant achievements during the past year, and indications are that more will be achieved in the months ahead. This would not have been possible without the institutionalisation of the right policies and incentives and the strong commitment of President Goodluck Jonathan at restoring the confidence of investors in the power sector and meeting the expectations of the citizenry for the supply of electricity.

Our mission is simple – to deliver more power to more people.
Power, so that people can build our economy. Power, so that children can study at night. Power, so that our streets can become more secure. Power, so that we can create jobs. Power, so that this nation, Nigeria, can reach its full potential and become one of the 20 largest economies in the world by year 2020.

This will be done by providing the Nation with a reliable power supply by implementing generation, transmission and distribution projects in the sector and facilitating the emergence of a private sector led competitive and efficient electric power industry.

Prof. Chinedu Osita Nebo (Minister for Power)

The responsibilities of the Federal Ministry of Power are:
Initiating and formulating broad policies and programmes on the development of the power sector (electricity) in general;
Managing the power sector infrastructure in the country;
Licensing of electric generating sets of 1MW capacity and below, and electrical contractors in Nigeria;
Conducting investigation of electrical accidents and electrocutions to ensure safety in the electricity industry in Nigeria;
Conducting statutory tests and certification of electric poles (concrete, wooden, steel, etc.) and other major electrical materials before they are used on the grid and networks in Nigeria; 
Implementing Renewable Energy programmes/initiatives (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Small Hydro, etc.);
Coordinating all activities of the power sector;
Handling policy matters relating to research and development in the power sector;
Promoting the development of power plants through public private partnership (PPP);
Participating in bilateral and multilateral relations affecting the power sector; and
Facilitating the overall coordination of the activities of the Parastatals under the supervision of the Ministry.



Phone +234 9 5239462, 52
Address Federal Ministry of Power 4th Floor, Federal Secretariat, Phase I Annex III, Shehu Shagari Way Maitama Abuja, Nigeria


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