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FAMAKS International Schools Abuja, Nigeria

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FAMAKS International Schools is a group of International Primary/Nursery schools that cater for children aged 1-11 years. We are situated in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja and in Kaduna, following the National Curriculum of England and Wales. We have integrated into our student learning both Nigerian and African Social Studies which reflects our host countries heritage and culture. Our pupil population is made up from many nationalities and faiths and is truly reflective of a British International School.



Famaks International School - Students in a classroom The school follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales for 
Early Years/Foundation Stage (age 3-5);
Key Stage 1 (age 5-7) and
Key Stage 2 (age 7-11).

The Early Years Curriculum includes the following:
1. Personal, Social and Emotional development
2. Communication, Language and Literacy
3. Mathematical Development and Early Mathematical Experiences 
4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World 
5. Physical development and Movement
6. The Arts and Creative Development.

For Key Stage 1 and 2 the following information applies: 
All subjects in the British National Curriculum are taught at this school.
This means that all children will follow programmes of study in English, Maths, Science, ICT, History, Geography, French, Art , Design and Technology, Physical Education, Music, Religious Education and PSHE. 
Children will be taught by their class teachers, while Music, ICT, PE, Art, Design and Technology and French, will be taught by specialist teachers.

Famaks International School - Friendship

Literacy (English):
Literacy concentrates on four key skills: speaking and listening, reading and writing. These skills will be taught during the daily literacy lesson as outlined by the National Literacy Strategy framework for all pupils.
• Writing: through study a wide range of texts, children are taught to write using a range of genres. They learn how to construct sentences correctly and use words for effect as well as how to plan their work, checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar. 
• Speaking and listening: children are taught how to speak to various audiences and use language for effect.
• Reading: children are taught to read a broad range of books and use their knowledge of words, sentences and texts to understand the meaning. Particular emphasis will be placed on improving the children’s literacy skills and clear self-expression. Specific targets will be set and children will be encouraged to read independently and to be read regularly. Guided reading sessions are also used to promote the childrens' learning.

Famaks International School - Library


Numeracy (Mathematics):
Children are taught how to use and apply mathematics. They are taught;

  • Numbers and the number system, calculations and ways of solving problems.
  • Shape, space and measures: this consists of 2D and 3D shapes, position, movement and measurement.
  • Handling data: this involves figuring out which questions can be tackled by collecting data, organising and putting it into graphs and diagrams; finally working out how it helps to answer the original questions.
These areas of study will be taught during the daily numeracy lesson in line with the National Numeracy Strategy Framework.


Science stimulates the children’s curiosity about the phenomena and happenings in the world around them. They learn to question and discuss science based matters that may affect their lives and the future of the world.
Children learn and explore the following areas of study;

  • Life processes and living things, including information about their own bodies, the purpose of roots and flowers, how animal and plants are categorised, and the habitats of animals and plants.
  • Materials and their properties, including how they can be used or changed and how some materials can be mixed or separated.
  • Physical processes, including magnets, the forces of gravity and friction, electric circuits and how light and sound travel. They are also given basic information about the Sun, Earth and Moon.
Through work in these three areas of study, children are taught about scientific enquiry.





Our Abuja campus is located in Asokoro, a developed area which is very secure and easy to access. The school is a 3 storey building that has been designed to cater for 500 pupils. The ground floor is mainly used for the Early Years (Little Learners, playgroup, nursery) and reception class, whilst the upper floors are for primary years 1 to 6. All classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with interactive whiteboards (smart boards) and a desktop computer.

Famaks International School - Music class There are many facilities to be found: ICT suite, libraries (Early Years and Primary), music room, art room, dance studio, Design and Technology room, Special Educational Needs (SEN) room, staff rooms, a medical centre with a resident nurse on hand.
Lunch is taken in the dining hall that is linked to a kitchen where food is prepared freshly on a daily basis.
The outdoor facilities for our pupils are second to none. We have climbing frames, slides and swings for recreation time and superb sports facilities including an astro turf football pitch, basketball court, short tennis and badminton courts and the first climbing wall in an Abuja school.


Famaks International School - Students at work


  • 3 buildings;
  • 35 classrooms;
  • 1 computer lab;
  • 60 computers for students;
  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi;
  • 2 Libraries;
  • 1 school hall;
  • 1 dining hall;
  • 1 climbing wall;
  • 1 medical centre;
  • 1 playing field;
  • 1 science lab;
  • 1 basketball court;
  • 1 Soccer field;
  • air conditioning.




Famaks International School - Trophy

Our Admission Policy

We have an open policy on all admissions subject to places being available. At the Early Years stage there is no academic requirement. However we will require inoculations for the serious illnesses as they protect your child and the school from serious infectious diseases.

For entry into year 1 primary (6-7years) onwards we set a basic test in Literacy and Numeracy. This is to establish whether your children would be able to succeed in the class level you are requesting. This will include a written and short oral test. Parents will also have an interview with the head teacher. School fees will have to be paid in advance before any classroom tuition can take place.

Call or email us for more information on how to get your child enrolled into FAMAKS.


Here is a part of the information you will receive as part of the application:


1. We will collect our children from school daily. 
We agree that our children will be collected promptly at the end of the day by us or by other trusted adults that we nominate.

2. Punctuality and absence 
We will ensure that our children attend school regularly arriving properly dressed and on time.

3. Pupil absence: 
We agree to inform the school for any absence of our children before 8:30 am on the first day, 
stating the reasons. NB: Note all children who are late must report to the entrance reception office and get a clearance note to enter their lessons.

4. School fees and payments 
We agree to pay school fees promptly as required. We understand not doing so, will lead to the 
withdrawal of the child from the class attendance.

5. Medical treatment and care
We agree our children can receive first aid medical attention from the school’s qualified doctor or nurse. This includes first aid emergency treatment only.

6. Contracts of cooperation
We agree to cooperate with the school in all matters of our children’s care, education and discipline regulations of FAMAKS International Schools’ Policies.


Phone +234 808 305 1079
Address Plot 8 Adekunle Fajuyi Close, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria

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