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Eldorado Nigeria

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Eldorado Nigeria Limited was founded in 1969 to offer very high quality contracting services in the field of Building Civil, Water and Municipal Engineering in the construction industry in Nigeria. 

The firm has grown to become one of the foremost engineering construction companies in Nigeria. This position has been achieved in the industry on account of its commitment to Innovation, Excellence, Reliability and Integrity which is being reflected in the quality of the projects executed to date and the caliber of the highly competent management and skilled labour personnel it employs 

Eldorado Nigeria Limited undertakes construction work of Building, Civil, Water and municipal engineering projects. 

Eldorado Nigeria Limited aims to provide services of the highest standard. Ways are sought to develop and apply new knowledge and innovative techniques whenever these may benefit the customer and the industry as a whole. 

Within the company, staff members actively seek to continue and extend the professional training. This is encouraged through group discussions and courses and through the exchange of technical advice with other members of the profession. There is a regular sponsoring or personnel to technical courses, seminars and symposia thus ensuring a depth of experience in all aspects of planning and construction of all types of projects. 

There is also a regular acquisition of technical information, computing facilities, construction plants and equipment from any part of the world to facilitate the highest level of efficiency in the services rendered to our customers. 

In the course of rigorous pursuit of our lofty corporate aims and objectives, we have been able to assemble a team of highly committed and highly professional management and personnel supported by equally highly skilled labour force. These have contributed in no small measure to the success of the firm and the high respect accorded to the organization within the construction industry in Nigeria. 

Eldorado Nigeria Limited has an extensive working experience in the construction industry in Nigeria. Out diversity in the construction industry allows us the flexibility of executing any project in many parts of the world. 

Our knowledge of local conditions and methods of working enables the company to provide a service geared to meeting all construction needs. 

Eldorado Nigeria Limited has involved and has successfully completed various types of project for the federal and state governments, the world Bank and major international, blue-chip commercial and industrial corporations. 

In Order to provide the best services to our clients and ensure timely execution of our projects, out policy is to invest in modern construction plants and equipment. In addition, we maintain a well equipped maintenance workshop to ensure that the plants are constantly in top working condition, 

Eldorado Nigeria Limited has invested heavily in highly trained and competent professional management team. Also the team of skilled manpower is highly motivated and committed to contribute in achieving the very lofty goals of the company.


Pre-engineered metal building manufacturers offer consumers a quick and affordable solution for their building needs. Pre-engineered metal buildings can be used for storage, such as airplane hangers, agricultural buildings, cold storage, commodity storage and general storage. Alternatively, the buildings can serve as office space, retail facilities, schools, sport facilities, warehouses and volunteer fire stations. 

Pre-Engineered Steel Structures provide professional, reliable and accurately designed engineering fabrication of steel buildings from both heavy to light steel structural members. 

The advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Structure buildings are:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Long span column-free, maximizes the space usage
  • Permit future extension of buildings on module system
  • Speed in construction, from design stage to completion of buildings in weeks, not months
  • Cost effective as compared to conventional building system
  • State of the art designed system with 3D-software analysis providing product reliability 

    There also exist highly specialized Pre Engineered, such as genset Pre Engineered and their ilk that are also used to power the towing vehicle.


Steel Fabrication

Fabrication, when used as an industrial term, applies to the building of machines, structures, or process equipment for the chemical or fertilizer sector, by cutting, shaping and assembling components made from raw materials. Small businesses that specialize in metal are called fab shops. 

Steel fabrication shops and machine shops have overlapping capabilities, but fabrication shops generally concentrate on the metal preparation, welding and assembly aspect while the machine shop is more concerned with the machining of parts. 

Metal fabrication is a value added process that involves the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials. A fab shop will bid on a job, usually based on the engineering drawings, and if awarded the contract will build the product. 

Typical projects include; loose parts, structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment, and hand railings and stairs for buildings.



A Trailer is generally an unpowered vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle. Commonly, the term trailer refers to such vehicles used for transport of goods and materials. 

Some trailers are made for personal (or small business) use with practically any powered vehicle having an appropriate hitch, but some trailers are part of large trucks called semi-trailer trucks for transportation of cargo. 

Enclosed toy trailers and motorcycle trailers can be towed by commonly accessible pickup truck or van, which generally require no special permit beyond a regular driver's license. Specialized trailers like open-air motorcycle trailers, bicycle trailers are much smaller, accessible to small automobiles, as are some simple trailers, pulled by a drawbar and riding on a single set of axles. Other trailers, such as utility trailers and travel trailers or campers come in single and multiple axle varieties, to allow for varying sizes of tow vehicles. 

There also exist highly specialized trailers, such as genset trailers and their ilk that are also used to power the towing vehicle.

Eldorado also specializes in Fabrication and Repair of your truck, trailer, piping or structural steel welding needs. 

Trailer Fabrication & Repair

  • Axles, Brakes & Wheel Bearings
  • Couplers & Jacks
  • Lighting and Wiring
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Frame Repair
  • Complete Trailer Fabrication



Tank farm

An oil depot (sometimes called a tank farm, installation or oil terminal) is an industrial facility for the storage of oil and/or petrochemical products and from which these products are usually transported to end users or further storage facilities. An oil depot typically has tankage, either above ground or underground, and gantries for the discharge of products into road tankers or other vehicles (such as barges) or pipelines. 

Oil depots are usually situated close to oil refineries or in locations where marine tankers containing products can discharge their cargo. Some depots are attached to pipelines from which they draw their supplies and depots can also be fed by rail, by barge and by road tanker (sometimes known as "bridging") 

Most oil depots have road tankers operating from their grounds and these vehicles transport products to petrol stations or other users. 

An oil depot is a comparatively unsophisticated facility in that (in most cases) there is no processing or other transformation on site. The products which reach the depot (from a refinery) are in their final form suitable for delivery to customers. In some cases additives may be injected into products in tanks, but there is usually no manufacturing plant on site. Modern depots comprise the same types of tankage, pipelines and gantries as those in the past and whilst there is a greater degree of automation on site, there have been few significant changes in depot operational activities over time.



Civil Work

Civil Works is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. Civil Works is the oldest engineering discipline after military engineering, and it was defined to distinguish it from military engineering.

It is traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering, surveying, and construction engineering. 

Civil Works takes place on all levels: in the public sector from municipal through to federal levels, and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies.



Grain silos

Storage silos are cylindrical structures, typically 10 to 90 ft (4 to 30 m) in diameter and 30 to 275 ft (10 to 84 m) in height with the slipform and Jumpform concrete silos being the larger diameter and taller silos. They can be made of many materials. Wood staves, concrete staves, cast concrete, and steel panels have all been used, and have varying cost, durability, and airtightness tradeoffs. Silos storing grain, cement and woodchips are typically unloaded with air slides or augers. Silos can be unloaded into rail cars, trucks or conveyors. 

Tower silos containing silage are usually unloaded from the top of the pile, originally by hand using a pitchfork, in modern times using mechanical unloaders. Bottom silo unloaders are utilized at times but have problems with difficulty of repair.







Phone +234 1 790 3288, +234 1 760 5522
Address 27, Henry Carr Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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