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Alaba International Market (Electronics), Lagos

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In the beginning

What is today the Pride of Africa interms of electronics marketing started as a street market at Alaka in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Being a street market, its expansion/growth soon became a menace to the residents in the area and the government of the day had to step in. The market was relocated to Suru but its growth spilled to the Expressway, causing traffic bottleneck.

The Lagos State Government decided to relocate the market again. It was split in two, one half moved to Mile 12 in Ketu and the other half was moved to Alaba in Ojo, now known as Alaba International Market (Electronics). 

Alaba International Market (Electronics) took off at its new location in Alaba, Ojo, on April 18 1978. The area then was a forest but the dogged efforts of the founding fathers of this market saw the forest give way to a modern market which has become international in all respects.


Today Alaba International Market (Electronics) stands tall among all organized markets the world over.

The membership of the market now stands at over five thousand shops, excluding attachments and sub-shops. More than two million people transact business in this market daily.


The vision of the management Association of this market is to ensure that all its members

become e-commerce compliant in the next couple of years. To this end, the website has been hosted to provide Internet services for its

members. This will also afford its members the use of the market’s own web mail and

thus providing e-mail security and credibility for its members in their dealings with their

international partners.


The Association also plans to upgrade all structures in the market to provide modern

facilities in the market such that buyers and sellers have easy business transactions

concluded within the shortest possible time.

Banking facilities available all over the market has reduced the incidence of carrying cash

overlong distances by customers, thus eliminating the risk of cash loss on their way to the

market. Other modern business facilities are available which make business possible and

easy without physical contact between buyers and sellers in the market.


About Alaba International Market

Alaba International Market (Electronics) is the largest electronics market in Africa where all major international brands of electronics and allied products are offered for sale. The market situates in Lagos, the economic hub of Nigeria and the commercial nerve-center of commerce in Africa.

The market occupies a land area approximately 2km by 1km on the Ojo Igbede Road. The on-going reconstruction work in Lagos by the action Governor, Alhaji Babatunde Raji Fashola, makes a drive to Alaba International Market (Electronics) easy and pleasurable. The market can be accessed from Badagry on the Badagry-Oshodi-Apapa Expressway through Iyana Iba or Volks; and can also be reached from any part of Lagos via Mile 2/Festac Town to Volks.


The market is managed by dedicated men of integrity who ensure that no customer is short changed by any seller in the market. Security is assured and any dissatisfied customer can contact the Market Task Force personnel who will readily assist such customer. 

The market acts responsibly by meeting and keeping all government requirements and regulations. Buyers of products from this market are assured protection of their consumer rights while manufacturers are assured of protection of their patents and copyrights.


Business in Alaba International Market (Electronics)

In view of the fact that all electronics products, from communications, broadcasting, computers, televisions, videos, home appliances, refrigerators, musicals, video games to generators, satellite systems, general goods etc are available in this market, buyers throng this market from as far as Ghana, Niger, Chad, Togo, Benin Republic, East Africa etc. to make their purchases. 

Manufacturers from around the world jostle to ensure that their brands are represented in this market, and they have no regret to do so.

In Nigeria, resellers from almost all major cities come to Alaba International Market (Electronics) for their supply of electronics and allied products.

Other ancillary products and/or services to be found in this market include financial services such as banking, mortgage banking, microfinance, stock broking, investment consulting, etc. Others are office service facilities such as photocopy shops, telephone booths, cyber café, secretarial services center etc. 

Nigeria Police station is not far from the market which offers additional security for buyers and sellers to do their business under peaceful environment.



The guiding philosophy of the management of this market, led by Chief Emeka Dike (Ohamadike), is to ensure that business in this market is conducted unfettered by any compelling factors save for act of God. Those who wish to take up shops or who wish to showcase their brands or brand images are free and welcomed. Manufacturers who are seeking markets for their quality products can find ready market in Alaba International Market (Electronics).


It is important to state clearly that this market is known for quality and high premium products and so manufacturers of substandard products are advised to upgrade their products if they wish to be part of the action in this market.

Address Alaba International Market (Electronics), Alaba, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria

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