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Al-Hikmah University

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About Al-Hikmah University

Al-Hikmah University is a private conventional university with a well-articulated mission of promoting both academic and moral excellence for the good of the Nigerian Nation in particular and for furthering the course of humanity in general.

The overall goal of the University is summed up in its motto: "Learning for Wisdom and Morality". The curriculum of our Noble Institution is geared towards promoting academic excellence and also ensuring moral and spiritual uprightness of our youths, most especially in the face of the imposing vicious challenges posed to humanity at large at the wake of the 21st Century.

Not only this, we are poised to contribute to the economic growth of the nation through offering employment opportunities to all, irrespective of political, social, religious, gender, racial or ethnic affiliations.
From its inception to date, the institution has continued to grow and develop in its quantity and quality of human, physical and material resources.

Like a Trojan horse, we began our race with calculated trotting steps. But with the vision and mission statements of the University as our propelling force at heart, we have galloped into full speed of launching scholarship with a uniqueness of some sort. 

Of course we realize that we are far from being there, but at least we beat our chest and thank Allahu Tahala that we have not derailed from our set course and goals. Twice we have turned out crop of students, who have been baked and steeped in the Al- Hikmah rigorous academic tradition; who have satisfied and fulfilled the academic and moral requirements upon which the awards of this university are based. They are the worthy ambassadors of this noble citadel of learning.

This we can say without mincing words, as the curriculum of the school is erected on the tenets and cornerstones of Islamic philosophy, which is rare to come by in contemporary institutions of higher learning, especially in Nigeria.

Historical Backround of Al-Hikmah University

Al-Hikmah University began the process of its registration in early 2000 when the Abdul-Raheem Oladimeji Islamic Foundation (AROIF) (Nigeria) in  partnership with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) signified the intention to establish a private University in Ilorin, Nigeria. With the collection of appropriate forms and payment of required fees to the National Universities Commission (NUC) and after visits by NUC inspection teams, various registration documents were prepared,  submitted and ratified by NUC.

With the License, Al-Hikmah University commenced the process of giving practical interpretation to the ideals envisaged in our mission/vision, objectives, programmes, teaching policy, facilities, student admission and registration procedure and our fee structure.
As an institution committed to the promotion of sound spiritual, moral and academic excellence, Al-Hikmah University will serve as a viable option of sacrifice to complement the efforts of Government at State and Federal levels in the process of nation building and educational development. 

The mission of the University would be, among others, 
1)  To train and equip with sound university education men and women who would be mentally resourceful to contribute their quota to the development of the nation.
2)  To provide Nigerian youth with quality higher educational opportunity, this will serve to complement the efforts of government, at State and Federal levels. 
3)   To give qualified scholars and professionals the chance to seek and also contribute to knowledge. The university will achieve by making the admission of Students and recruitment of Staff open to all irrespective of religious inclination, gender, nationality, tribe, and political persuasion


To be a foremost tertiary institution in Nigeria, notable for the promotion of sound spiritual, moral and academic excellence, able to optimize her contribution to nation building and global prosperity


To train and equip men and women to be mentally resourceful, imbued with the will to serve nation and humanity at large through the recruitment of world class staff without prejudice to religious inclination, gender, nationality, tribe, or political persuasion

Al-Hikmah University Al-Hikmah University school compound



Phone Tel:234 8034 655 223
Address Adewole Estate Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria

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