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Ajayi Crowther University Oyo

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Historical Background

The Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo was established by the Supra Diocesan Board (West) of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), has its origins in the defunct CMS training institution, Abeokuta and the defunct St. Andrews College, Oyo. The University started as CMS Training Institution in Abeokuta in 1853 from where it was relocated to Lagos (1868 to 1896). In March 1896, it was transplanted to Oyo retrospectively in 1920.

At inception, St. Andrews College, Oyo produced holders of Grade II Teachers Certificate while the Divinity Course for training church ministers was added to the curriculum between 1910 and 1942 and the proprietorship of the College was transferred from CMS, London to the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). A salient feature in the History of St. Andrews is that it became welded to the church as a snail is inseparably linked with its shell.

In 1977 Government took over the control and administration of all schools in the Nigerian Federation and with this development the Church of Nigeria was divested of her Proprietorship of the College. However, the St. Andrews College Old Boys Association (SACOBA) interest and by extension that of the Church, in the growth and development of St. Andrews did not wane. Thus, in response to SACOBA's petition, the erstwhile Oyo State Government upgraded the Institution to NCE campus in 1980 and to the full fledged College of Education in 1985.

The dream of all Andrians (products of St. Andrews College) and their well wishers as well as the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) was that St. Andrews College, Oyo, should ultimately be transformed into a full-fledged University, given her success story and her pioneering role as the Precursor of Tertiary Education in Nigeria. the final step towards fulfilling this dream was taken on 7 September, 1999 when the Church of Nigeria granted SACOBA's request for the establishment of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo at the site of the former St. Andrews College, Oyo under the proprietorship of the Church. Having satisfied the rigorous criteria prescribed by the National Universities Commision (NUC) for the establishment of Universities in Nigeria, Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) was granted license to operate as a Private University in Nigeria on 7 January 2005.

The University is named after the late Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first African Bishop who first translated the bible into Yoruba. His Episcopal Ministry covered the entire West African sub-continent.

The Vision of Ajayi Crowther University is to be a top-class institution in the pursuit of knowledge and scholarship through teaching, learning, research and exemplary service to humanity. 

  • Provide admission to students and employment to staff without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity and disability, religious and political persuasions.
  • Produce graduates who are imbued with fear of God and a sense of service to humanity and who are endowed with a well-rounded education to enable them operate successfully in the Nigerian environment, both as private entrepreneurs and as top-flight workers in the private and public sectors of the nation’s economy.
  • Provide a living and learning environment which is influenced by Christian ethics and principles.

Our Vision and Mission, as a Christian University, are founded on the Protestant ethics of hardwork, justice, truth and honour and these virtues are being reflected in the teaching culture at the University.

Under the growth and development plan of the University, six faculties were planned and scheduled to take-off as follows:

a) PHASE I  (2005/2006 – 2009/2010)
    i. Faculty of Humanities
    ii. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
    iii. Faculty of Natural Sciences

b) PHASE II (2010/2011 – 2014/2015)
       Faculty of Law

c) PHASE III (2015/2016 – 2019/2020)
       Faculty of Health Science

We started the 2005/2006 session with a total enrolment of 306 first Entrants as Foundation Students into two take-off Faculties, namely (a) Humanities, (b) Social and Management Sciences.  The two faculties currently run a total of seven programmes:


      1. B.A. English 
      2. B.A. History and International Studies
      3. B.Sc. Accounting
      4. B.Sc. Banking and Finance
      5. B.Sc. Business Administration
      6. B.Sc. Communication and Media Studies
      7. B.Sc. Economics

A third faculty, the Faculty of Natural Sciences took-off in November 2006 when the 2006/2007 Session commenced.  It offers degree programmes in:

  1. Microbiology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Industrial Chemistry
  4. Geology and Mineral Sciences
  5. Computer Science with ICT OPTION
  6. Physics with Electronics

The Accrediting Agency, the National Universities Commission (NUC), most recent visit was in June 2010 to 11 programmes in the University.  The report of the accreditation showed that all our programmes were accredited.  Out of a total 0f 13 programmes run by the University, 5 had full accreditation while 8 had interim accreditation status. 
Our curriculum is oriented towards turning out graduate entrepreneurs and professionals rather than job seeker.  Thus, our Entrepreneurial Development Centre has become a beehive of practical activities that attracts and brings out the creativity in our students.  In May 2010, the Entrepreneurial Development Centre had an exhibition week of student output in fashion design, interior decoration, photography, tie and dye, and beads making.  The exhibition was well advertised and visited by the immediate community of the university.  As a result of the interest shown by the students, we are exploring the addition of some other creative and ultimately lucrative activities to those on offer.  What we keep drumming into the ears of our students is to engage their intellect, time and hands to eventually become self-employed and even become employers of labour.

One of our Centres of excellence is in the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences where the Department of Communication and Media Studies has acquired three new training studios for our students.  These are:

(a) Print and News Media Studio; 
(b) Photo Journalism Studio, and 
(c) Public Relations and Advertising Studio.  
Today, the state-of- the-art-studios of our Communication and Media Studies Department are acclaimed to be the best training studios in Nigeria.
Our students during the 2009/2010 session, achieved feats before they even wrote their final year degree examinations.  Two (2) students from Department of Accounting and Finance qualified as Chartered Accountants while one (1) qualified as ACCA of London.  In the Department of Economics, one student qualified as a Chartered Accountant while two other students successfully completed the latest Version of the Oracle Database Administration.

We are in the throes of adding two more faculties – that of Environmental Sciences and Law to complement our existing three Faculties.

Faculty of HumanitiesFaculties



History and international relations


  • Faculty of Natural Sciences

Biology sciences

chemical sciences 

earth sciences

physical sciences

  • Faculty of Social and Management Sciences


acurial sciences and insurance

communication and media studies

Business communication and economics


Academic development is seriously dependent on the quality of the Library.  In Ajayi Crowther University, we can boast  of a Building that is imposing and that, for years to come, will be most suitable and adequate for all forms of expansion that are bound to take place as the University grows in number of academic programmes, staff and students.  Presently our Library can sit 1,500 users conveniently.  The book holdings in the Library have also increased from 3,000 in 2007 to over 20,000.

The Virtual Library, a critical tool of research in these modern times is an important feature of the T.Y. Danjuma Library.  The Library is a big asset to the University and the University will not relent in making it one of the best university libraries in the country in terms of facilities and services. 

University library hour

The University Library Hours are determined by the Academics Calendar and the needs of the Staff and Students. Generally, the hours of operations are:
Monday-Friday | 8am - 10pm
Saturday | 9am - 1pm

Registration to Use the University Library

Every User of the Library; be it Student, Staff, Researcher etc., is expected to register and obtain a pass and an Identity Card. These authorize access to the resources and materials.




Phone 08035421169

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