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Abuja Bible College

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The course provides a thorough grounding in Bible-teaching for ministry apprentices, as well as for those who already have a regular ministry in their own churches.
Each student will be given the opportunity to focus on developing practical skills in a particular area of ministry.  For many, the course will be an important part of testing their suitability for this calling.
Some evidence of experience in teaching the Bible will be expected.  This may have been gained in preaching, or (more often) in small group contexts such as youth and children's work. 
Students should have already gained a reputation for being doers, as well as hearers, of the word.
The course meets on Monday to Thursday, for three terms, totalling 30 weeks in each year.  You will be expected to attend in excess of 90% of your classes.
The course is currently suspended until further noticeFull-time students take the course four days a week over one year.  For part-time students, the course runs Mondays and Tuesdays for the first year, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the second.
We study the Bible together
  • Each morning begins with the word of God and prayer as a student gives an exposition
  • A series of in-depth studies of Bible books
  • A course in Bible basics, including the shape of the Bible, Bible history and geography, and a Bible overview to tie our studies into a proper Biblical Theology
We study principles of Biblical preaching
  • A foundation course in Principles of Expository Preaching
  • A course on Principles of Exposition that runs throughout the year, working at how to preach different Bible genres such as the gospels, New Testament letters and Old Testament prophecy
We expound Bible passages
  • This is done in small groups with constructive criticism from a staff member
  • These groups can take the form of: 'gobbet' groups - where short passages of Scripture are examined to discover their meaning in context; short talk groups - where the content of a passage is succinctly taught, illustrated and applied; and preaching groups - where a student gives a full practice talk
We study Christian doctrine
  • There is a course on Evangelical Essentials
We study God's word and God's world

There are contextualized courses on Pastoral Issues and Engaging with God's World



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