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About Us

Started in 2011 Logbaby is an online media company, manifested in Logbaby.com a multi-category directory of information that currently includes a Business Directory, Classifieds, Events, Travel, News and Encyclopedia. The choice of information is selected on the basis of core importance to “daily life” in Nigeria.

Logbaby.com serves as a portal for functional living in Nigeria, complementary to the businesses, organizations, products and services featured, as a facilitator, coordinator but not competitor.

For Nigerians we offer access to a world of information on the things they need to get through the day For Advertisers, we offer premium access to Nigerians as they browse through their interests.

With Logbaby.com you can advertise to customers right when they are looking for the exact goods and services you are offering.



Getting Started

We offer a great mix of advertising solutions that give you prime exposure at the right time. Our approach to information allows you to target your advertising to the audience desired with ease. For example, in the Business Directory you can add a business profile which will bring you customers looking for your exact goods and services, you can also use banner ads to get exposure around related businesses and draw the customer in for your goods and services. In both we allow you to target your exact audience for maximum return on investment.

Our solutions include;

Listings: Available in different configurations in all sections these include, Business Profiles, Event Listings, Corporate Profiles, News/Press Releases, Classified listings etc. Try Now.

Pay As You Go: A solution for skeptical advertisers that allows you to buy banner ads at the rate of the views it recieves starting @ 90kobo/view. Try Now.

Pre-paid Plans: Bulk rate banner advertising programs allow you to take up entire sections of the site for a pre-determined rate and allows for unlimited views, starting @ N10,000/month. Try Now

Partner 4 Growth Program: A special program for mass discounts to advertiser who have up to $5,000/month in advertising capacity. Learn More.



Unique Vistors Median Age
1,187,918mil 33 years
Monthly Page Views Median Income
289,000 $1000/month
Origin Platform
Nigeria 50% | Americas 22% | Europe 18% | Asia 6.5% | Africa 3.5% Desktop 60% | Tablet 15% | Mobile 25%

*Data estimates are from July/2014


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